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Literature, as a notary that attests to human creation, has always been fascinated by unfolding.

There are protagonists who are nothing more than the 'alter ego' of a writer and the perfect excuse to pour out resentment, experiences or criticism, good and bad, by pretending that they are someone else.

But the '

double lives' have also drawn attention to tell a story

like that of a hitman who is a good father, a rapist who is also a teacher or trainer for minors, a journalist who reports before anyone else about the bombs that he himself places and attributes to others, or a gray official who also becomes a serial killer.

The bait is in that ability to surprise the reader.

It is not a question here of fulfilling

Jules Verne

's prediction that "everything that a man can imagine, others will do" since it always happens the other way around and crime and crime literature drinks directly from the chronicle of events.

There are also cases of double lives, much less attractive, which show the wide range of grays between good and evil.

An inexhaustible source of human stories that could not go unnoticed at one of the most important literary festivals of this genre

in Europe such as the BCNegra.

This edition is special since the festival turns 18 and does so with the theme of 'double life'.

The organizers invite you to "explore and exhaust all the possibilities of the double, the unfolding of personalities and lives, be it a spy, murderer, adulterer, mentally ill, dreamer or famous person behind a mask."

To this end, there will be around 80 activities

including round tables, presentations, live intrigue games, film screenings, literary tours, concerts and thematic exhibitions.

More than a hundred authors such as

Leonardo Padura, Claudia Piñeiro, Ray Loriga, Dominique Manotti, Lorenzo Silva, Youssef El Maimouni, Dolores Redondo, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Antonio Manzini, Petros Márkaris, Núria Cadenes, Dror Mishani, Ray Loriga will participate. , Laura Lippman, Jon Bilbao, Pilar Adon, Graeme Macrae, Burnet Lorenzo, Silva Margarida Aritzeta, Rosa Ribas, Tahar Ben Jelloun.

Rafael Vallbona, Marina Sanmartín, Víctor del Árbol, Antonio Mazzini, Ginés Sánchez, Donato Carrisi or Graziella Moreno,

among many others.

The Canarian writer

Alexis Ravelo

was also supposed to attend but he died this week at the age of 51.

One of the round tables in last year's edition

Contrary to other years, the announcement of the

Pepe Carvalho

award will be made on the first day of the festival, although the official ceremony will be at Barcelona City Hall on February 9.

In previous editions,

Don Winslow, Joyce Carol Oates, Juan Madrid, James Ellroy, Dennis Lehane, Andrea Camilleri, Petros Márkaris, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Henning Mankell or Claudia Piñeiro,

who will present the award in this edition, were awarded.

italian connection

As usual, BCNegra recovers "a book, an author and a character".

Taking into account the central axis of the festival this year, the work is

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"


Robert Louis Stevenson,

a paradigm of double identity and the starting point of this type of literary fiction.

The recovered protagonist is the comic book detective

John Blacksad

, created by

Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido

in 2000, a cat who investigates in a United States after World War II in which all the characters are zoomorphic people.

However, one of the highlights will be the tribute to the Italian author

Leonardo Sciascia

, a benchmark of Sicilian culture and the fight against political corruption and mafia violence.

The Tusquets publishing house reissues two of his works

'The Knight and Death'


'El Caso Moro' about the kidnapping and murder of the Christian Democrat politician

Aldo Moro

by the Red Brigades

in 1978. Sciascia participated in the parliamentary commission that investigated the crime and wrote the work from the letters written by the politician.

To talk about the author, his nephew Vito Catalano will come

Sciascia is one of the great influences of the Italian writer

Andrea Camilleri,

also a Sicilian and one of the festival's most beloved authors, when the last volume of the

Montalbano series

was published in Spain a few months ago .

On the fourth anniversary of his death, the festival prepares a round table in which two of his disciples will participate, whom they present as "doubles of the literary father of Montalbano."

One is

Valentina Alferj,

the one in charge of transcribing the books that Camilleri dictated to her when her vision problems made it impossible for her to write.

Presentation of this year's editionPEP HERRERO

The other is

Antonio Manzini

, an outstanding student of Camilleri, whose character, underboss

Rocco Schiavone

, is a literary and television phenomenon in Italy.

It presents the latest novel of the character,

'Make a game'

(Salamandra publishing house), an intrigue that starts with a homicide in the Saint-Vincent casino that leads the protagonist to enter the world of gambling and revenge, while having to deal with a danger that comes from his past.

The Italian presence at the festival is completed with a round table on the double identities between authors who combine their professional activity with writing crime novels.

One of them is

Donato Carrisi

, filmmaker and author of numerous works that have become bestsellers such as '

The hunter of darkness', 'The master of shadows'


'The girl in the mist'


Being a filmmaker, Carrisi has taken some of his books to the movies.

This is the case of the novel that he presents, '

The man of the labyrinth' (

Duomo Ediciones), in which the talented inspector

Bruno Genko

During a heat wave, he investigates the appearance of a woman who had been kidnapped as a child.

Carrisi took this book to the cinema in a movie starring

Toni Servillo

, in the role of Genko and

Dustin Hoffman


The round table will be completed with another Italian author,

Davide Longo,

who in addition to being a writer is a professor and presents '

The Bramard case

(The crimes of Piedmont series 1)', and

Graziella Moreno

, a Barcelona judge as well as a writer who will talk about her latest play

'City animals don't cry'

that narrates a case of domestic violence, inspired by their day-to-day life in court, with two lawyers as protagonists.

Moreno will also act as a judge in a simulation of a trial after the Mossos d'Esquadra of the scientific police narrate how they investigate after a crime.

Double parallel activity

This 'theatrical trial' is one of the parallel activities along with the live conference of Mossos agents explaining their way of investigating.

In addition, monologues will be represented, literary tours, concerts, such as one by

Albert Pla,

conferences, exhibitions on the world of detectives or games to guess the culprit at the Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and in some libraries.

There will also be film projections, such as

"Winds of Havana"

with a script by

Leonardo Padura

who also presents the work '

Personas Decentes'

(Tusquets editores), the latest adventure of his Cuban detective

Mario Conde.

In addition, 'Cadaveri eccellenti' will be screened based on the novel by Leonardo Sciascia.

A Mosso explains the function of the scientific police

The festival also addresses other round tables in which duality will be more present, such as the political controversy of 'either with me or against me' so recognizable in Catalonia in recent years, with the participation of

Lorenzo Silva

who narrates it in his latest work

'The flame of Phocea'.

Also in the experience of detectives when they start and who often have to reconcile solving cases with other less vocational tasks, although everything counts, as

'Igual que ayer'

(Asteroid Books) reminds us, the second novel by journalist

Eduard Palomares

that He also attends one of the talks.

Other novelties that can be seen at BCNegra are

'La cuarta chica por la izquierda'

(The reversed editorial) by

Andreu Martín,

an intrigue set in the Barcelona of the First World War or '


(Tusquets editores), the latest book on the cases of commissioner Jaritos de

Petros Márkaris

who also participates in a round table on the duality that appears when we face a difficult reality in which our peers push us to the limit.

Ginés Sánchez

will present

De tigres y gacelas'

(Tusquets editores) and will participate in a talk with another author from the same publishing house,

Rosa Ribas


Other authors can also be seen, such as

Teresa Cardona,

who presents

'A relative good

' (Ediciones Siruela), the second part of '

Los dos lados'

and a mystery set in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, as well as

Victoria González Torralba

, daughter of the writer

Francisco González Ledesma,

who in 'Good Times' Ediciones Siruela), shows us an intimate novel with a great depth of characters.

She also publishes with Siruela

Jerónimo Andreu

, winner of the III Prize

Paco Camarasa

's black novel with the work '

The dream of the cyclops'

that talks about an ex-policeman from Gibraltar and his fight against drug trafficking.

the mirror in the mirror

In a literary festival, one of the most recognized doubles in children's literature such as

Snow White

and the impossible reflection of a magic mirror that only shows consciousness could not be missing.

In a round table, which bears the title of this character, they will present their new works R

aquel Gámez-Serrano (


) and

Montse Sanjuan

, (

Anna Grimm. Xarxes criminals)

, both from Pagès Editors, in which investigations are addressed in sites that are not what they seem at first or people who appear more than they are.

There are stories that are not for children.

Activity that was held in the old Modelo prison in a past edition

In its coming-of-age edition, BCNegra consolidates itself as a benchmark on the European literary scene in one of the genres that most attracts the public.

Its wide range of talks, round tables and book presentations is completed with films, literary routes through places that have been the scene of the city's criminal chronicle, or games of intellect and mystery.

There will also be meetings with the authors in reading clubs in the Libraries of Barcelona or having an aperitif in a more relaxed way.

There is a literary fascination for double lives, for pretending what we are not and for wanting to know the secrets of those around us.

Deep down it is descending through a dark reverse that nests in our human soul

since books are still stories that we have all wanted to star in.

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