China News Agency, Beijing, February 5th (Reporter Liu Likun) "Spring in the Four Seas" 2023 Global Overseas Chinese New Year Cloud Gala was broadcast at 15:00 on February 5th, Beijing time, presenting a wonderful cultural feast for audiences at home and abroad .

  The program combines classical culture with modern technology to show the beauty of traditional Chinese culture in a new way.

The fantasy lantern show "Auspicious Beasts Raising Mountains and Seas" combines AR technology to depict the festive scenes of mythical beasts making New Year's celebrations in "Shan Hai Jing"; the virtual character Luo Tianyi interprets the famous "Book of Songs" in a way favored by young people at home and abroad; Tang Gule's "Dalabang" made ancient Chinese paintings come alive.

Screenshot of the short film "Four Seas in the Same Spring - Huaxing Shining"

  Overseas Chinese have restored the taste of the New Year in their memories in foreign countries, and they have also brought the "Chinese Year" overseas.

Pasting Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, dancing dragons and lions... The creative short film "The World Taste of Chinese New Year" shows the scenes of overseas Chinese celebrating the Spring Festival overseas; Dressed in traditional costumes, they danced gracefully with superb martial arts moves.

Screenshot of "Cloud Chorus" and "Light Up the Future"

  The new generation of Chinese Americans also actively participated in the "Cloud Gala".

In the three chapters of "Lights in Ten Thousand Families", "Reunion in the Four Seas", and "Spring Comes Vientiane", Guoguo, a Chinese teenager, introduces the customs of Lantern Festival to the audience, makes special Lantern Festival, and makes his New Year's wishes.

Popular singer Li Xinrong joined hands with the Sydney Huaxing Art Troupe to sing the song "Light Up the Future" with teachers and students from more than ten Chinese schools around the world.

  As a highlight of this "Cloud Gala", the section "Hometowns of Overseas Chinese on the New Journey" shows the features of the new era of hometowns of overseas Chinese in Guangdong, Fujian, Suzhou, Jiangsu, and Qingtian, Zhejiang.

  Gao Wei, president of the Overseas Chinese Federation in Kenya, said that this year's "Cloud Gala" took into account the preferences of both "old Chinese" and "young Chinese", and made the wanderers far away feel the care and miss from their hometown.

"Qi Qin's "The Outer World" and Zhao Chuan's "I'm a Little Bird" brought me back to my childhood, and reminded me of many good memories." He said that the stage art, animation, and special effects in this year's show, All made everyone sincerely lament the development of the motherland and the progress of science and technology, and believe that "Four Seas and Spring" will be better and better in the future.

Screenshot of the electro-acoustic version of Datang Ancient Music "Dalabangba"

  Zhu Xin'e, deputy director of Egypt's "China Weekly", forwarded the viewing address of "Cloud Gala" to Moments, and soon received feedback from friends.

She told reporters that she was deeply impressed by the traditional Chinese musical instruments in "Dalabang", and also liked the part where overseas Chinese and children from all over the world sent blessings.

"The quality and level of this year's Cloud Gala are very high, and I like it very much."

  This year's "Cloud Gala" is hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and the China Overseas Friendship Association.