As a result of offensive actions in the Kupyansk direction of the NMD, units of the Western Group of Forces advanced in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe settlement of Dvurechnoye in the Kharkiv region, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

It is noted that Russian troops drove the enemy out of the western outskirts of the village.

Military analysts emphasize that the liberation of Dvurechnoye will create the preconditions for the development of an offensive north of Kupyansk.

“The formations of the 92nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the settlements of Krakhmalnoye and Berestovoe of the Kharkiv region were defeated by army aviation strikes and artillery fire.

More than 30 Ukrainian servicemen, two armored fighting vehicles and three vehicles were destroyed," the Defense Ministry said.

In the Krasnolimansky direction, the offensive operations of the units of the grouping of troops "Center" continue.

Accumulations of manpower and equipment of the 80th and 95th airborne assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the village were subjected to strikes.

Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR), as well as Grigorovka and Serebryanka (DPR).

Over 100 Ukrainian servicemen, six armored combat vehicles, a combat vehicle of the BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system and a D-30 howitzer were destroyed in this direction over the past day.

The units of the Southern Group of Forces took up new advantageous lines and positions in the Donetsk direction.

According to the Ministry of Defense, over the past day, up to 60 fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were liquidated in this area, the Acacia self-propelled guns, the Msta-B howitzer, the Grad MLRS combat vehicle, three armored vehicles and four cars were destroyed.

In addition, the American AN/TPQ-36, AN/TPQ-37 and AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar stations were destroyed, as well as two depots of ammunition and missile and artillery weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kramatorsk and Vugledar.

In the South-Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions of the NMD, as a result of the actions of units of the Vostok group of forces, the enemy lost more than 35 people, one tank, two armored personnel carriers and two Msta-B howitzers.

And in the Kherson direction, the Ukrainian MLRS Grad and an ammunition depot near Tokarevka were destroyed.

During the day, Russian operational-tactical aviation, missile forces and artillery attacked 92 artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in firing positions, and also hit the enemy’s manpower and military equipment in 108 districts.

Air defense systems destroyed 13 drones and four missiles of the HIMARS and Alder MLRS systems, and also shot down a tactical missile of the Tochka-U complex.

In total, since the beginning of the NMD, according to the Ministry of Defense, Russian units have destroyed 382 enemy aircraft and 206 helicopters, more than 3 thousand drones, over 400 anti-aircraft missile systems, about 7.7 thousand tanks and other combat armored vehicles, more than 1 thousand installations of MLRS , about 4 thousand field artillery guns and mortars, as well as almost 8.3 thousand units of special military vehicles.

  • Residential building damaged as a result of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kievsky district of Donetsk

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Shelling of the cities of Donbass

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to shell residential areas of Donbass cities and territories adjacent to the special operation zone.

According to the head of the administration of Donetsk, Aleksey Kulemzin, on February 4, several districts of the city were hit by Ukrainian barrel and rocket artillery.

Around 12:00 Moscow time from the area n.

n. Lastochkino, ten MLRS missiles were fired.

The shelling was also carried out from 155 mm howitzers.

In the Kievsky district of Donetsk, a multi-storey building was partially destroyed, several more buildings were damaged.

Last night, Ukrainian armed formations also fired on the city of Svatovo (LPR) from the American HIMARS MLRS.

The representative office of the republic in the JCCC reported that as a result, the building of the garment factory was destroyed.

Also on Saturday, February 4, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that the authorities had decided to extend the high level of terrorist threat in the region.

The day before, a similar decision was made by the leadership of the Bryansk and Kursk regions.

Gladkov said that last night the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the territory of a civilian industrial plant in Borisovka.

The fire was localized, and the company's employees were quickly evacuated, so no one was hurt.

According to the governor of the region, everything is being done to minimize the damage.

Commenting on the decision to extend the high level of terrorist threat in the region, Gladkov stated: "As soon as the situation improves, of course, we will remove restrictive measures."