United States: according to the Pentagon, a Chinese spy balloon flies over the country

The Pentagon is tracking the progress of what authorities say is a Chinese spy balloon (our photo) flying high over United States territory on February 2, 2023. © AP/Larry Mayer

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It's almost a Hollywood script in American skies.

The Pentagon revealed yesterday, Thursday evening February 2, that a Chinese spy balloon was flying over the United States, and in particular certain sensitive military sites!

Joe Biden himself reportedly considered shooting it down, but military authorities preferred not to because of the risk posed by the debris to those on the ground.

And also because they believe that little really sensitive information has been collected. 


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It is a large white spherical airship, which has been flying over the United States beyond commercial air traffic for several days already, writes our correspondent in New York,

Carrie Nooten


The craft is closely watched by the American aerospace defense authorities,



Arrived over Montana, near air bases and strategic missile silos, it was even joined by fighter planes.

Commissioned by Beijing



, there is no doubt: the spy is commanded by Beijing - it would not be the first Chinese incursion into American skies.

Alerted, Joe Biden consulted his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, to have him shot down, but the consequences of potential debris above inhabited areas were deemed too important in relation to the issue, since the information collected seemed n have little value.

Washington, however, raised the seriousness of the case with the Chinese authorities.

And the incident will certainly be mentioned by the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, during his visit to Beijing on Sunday and next Monday.


Second potential incident


The Government of Canada mentioned, Friday, February 3, " 

a second potential incident 

" after the announcement by Washington of the presence of a first Chinese spy balloon for several days above the United States.

Canadians are safe and Canada is taking steps to ensure the security of its airspace, including monitoring for a potential second incident 

," Canada's Department of National Defense said in a statement quoted by the AFP.

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