Among other things, there is not a complete detailed plan and the work cannot proceed without it.

The municipal government, with the Moderates, the Center Party and the Christian Democrats, therefore want to use the extra time that the delay means to investigate whether the old swimming hall should be renovated instead of a new one being built.

- If we can get the same thing for a cheaper price, then that's what we should invest in, says Charlotte Prennfors (M), chairman of the municipal board.

Can be more expensive

It may be difficult for the municipality to succeed in the goal that Vingåker will have a sports center ready within four years.

The uncertain situation in the global economy also makes it difficult to predict the costs.

The project could be more expensive than SEK 340 million, fear both the board and the opposition.

- The way the situation is on the world market right now, you can't really look at where the costs, as it is in the first proposal, will go.

It's a moment of concern, it's a lot of money we're talking about, says Anneli Bengtsson (S), opposition councillor.

In the clip above, the politicians explain why they want to move forward slowly with the construction of a sports center.