Mayalène Trémolet, edited by Laura Laplaud 08:04, February 03, 2023

The Head of State receives his predecessor François Hollande this Friday noon at the Élysée.

In the program ?

Institutional reform.

During his last presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to set up a "transpartisan commission" to work on this reform.

It had been a very long time since they had seen each other.

Emmanuel Macron and François Hollande have lunch this Friday together at the Élysée to discuss the subject of institutional reform.

In a context of massive mobilization against the pension reform, the Head of State wishes to take advice from his predecessors.

If relations are frequent and good with Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he has met twice since the beginning of the year, it is quite different with François Hollande, of whom he was the collaborator and the minister.

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Third head-to-head since 2017

This is only the third time that Emmanuel Macron has met François Hollande one-on-one since 2017. It must be said that there are many disagreements, especially on the question of institutional reform.

Hollande argues for the abolition of the post of Prime Minister, mid-term legislative elections and the establishment of a single presidential term of six years.

But the entourage of the former president has few illusions about his ability to be heard.

Emmanuel Macron has almost no chance of structurally changing the institutions

François Hollande said he regretted that the subject had not been broached earlier.

The former president calls for a deep reform and not a simple grooming without a pact for the French.

But Emmanuel Macron knows it, without an absolute majority in the Assembly and without the Senate, he has almost no chance of structurally modifying the institutions.

Despite everything, the Head of State intends, according to information from Europe 1, to activate before the end of the five-year term the only tool at his disposal, the dissolution of the Assembly.