“Probably, milk producers are trying to mask shrinkflation in this way (reducing the volume or weight of goods in a package. -


),” analysts of the Sales.rf service believe (works in partnership with the First OFD fiscal data operator, which is part of the group VTB).

It is noted that one kilogram of milk occupies about 970 ml due to its high density.

Meanwhile, the general director of the National Union of Milk Producers Artem Belov, in a conversation with RBC, emphasized that there is no mass transition to the practice of indicating the mass of 1 kg on milk packages instead of 1 liter on the market.

Earlier, the founder of the AgriVolga holding, Sergey Bachin, spoke about the almost complete dependence of the dairy industry in Russia on the import of starter cultures.

He explained that today 90% of the Russian market is made up of imported starters.