The GPIF (Governmental Pension Investment Fund), which manages public pension reserves, saw its investment performance between October and December of last year fall to 1.853 trillion yen due to factors such as declines in bond prices in Japan and Europe. It became a deficit.

This is the 4th consecutive term of deficit.

On the 3rd, GPIF announced its investment performance for the third quarter of this fiscal year (October to December last year).

According to this, the investment performance during the period was a deficit of 1.853 trillion yen, and the rate of return was minus 0.97%, marking the fourth consecutive fiscal year of deficit.

It is the first time in 20 years since fiscal 2002 that we have been in the red for four consecutive terms.

Looking at the earnings by four assets,

foreign bonds

recorded a deficit of 2,665.1 billion yen, and ▽ domestic bonds recorded a deficit of 847.5 billion yen


It became a surplus of the yen.

The cumulative profit since the start of market investment in fiscal 2001 was a surplus of 98.1036 trillion yen, with an annual rate of return of +3.38% and total assets under management of 189.9362 trillion yen. I'm here.

The GPIF said, ``This term was in the red due to the decline in long-term government bond prices due to the rise in interest rates in Japan and Germany. Cumulative earnings are approximately 98 trillion yen, and we will continue to strive to operate from a long-term perspective."