Pension reform in France: in Lille, the Nupes wants to show its unity against the government

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Fabien Roussel (our illustration photo), national secretary of the Communist Party, behind the meeting in Lille, this February 2: “Look, we are all here together.

We will continue".


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While Elisabeth Borne showed her determination to go all the way on the pension reform bill during an interview on the public TV channel France 2, all the components of the Nupes had made an appointment. you, Thursday, February 2 in the evening, in Lille for a large joint meeting at the initiative of the Communist Party.

And they are determined to roll back the government with a single slogan, “ 




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With our special correspondent in Lille,

Charlotte Urien-Tomaka

In the middle of the flags of their alliance, the Nupes, the communist, rebellious, socialist and environmentalist representatives went up the central aisle together to the stage to the applause of the activists.

Young and old are unanimous, unity is strength: “ 

Something can emerge and we can hope for a real union of the left in a lasting way on this kind of event where we come together and we form a common front.


Go until the end

Faced with the firmness of the government, they are determined to go all the way.

Clémence Guetté, deputy of La France insoumise (LFI): “ 

It is the fight of the majority of the people, we have the strength of numbers against a minority which is gorging itself and they know it, and they are afraid


Tonight there are no more differences.

Marine Tondelier, national secretary of Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV): “

 When we are united, all the forces of progress, together, on the left, the ecologists.

So yes, we can win.

And if we win, it will be the beginning of the end of Macronism



Meet in the street

Fabien Roussel National Secretary of the Communist Party: “ 

Look, we are all here together.

We will continue.

Yes, we too are united and we will remain so 


And they all meet, together, on February 7 and 11, this time in the street.

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