In a document sent to managers in Region Kronoberg, a new ambition appears: "not to hire people living in Kronoberg as rental staff".

The aim is to instead persuade them to take regular jobs in the region.

Four years ago, a similar ambition was introduced in the Västernorrland region, says Lars Rocksén, doctor in Örnsköldsvik and vice chairman of the Medical Association.

- But it was seen that it accelerated the problem, rather than solving it, he says to SVT Småland.

Hear Lars Rocksén tell more in the clip.

Far-reaching consequences

Just like in Kronoberg, it was not a direct ban but a request, the region's hospital director told Läkartidningen in 2019. But at the clinic level, it was interpreted as a ban.

According to Lars Rocksén, the ambition was quickly abandoned, after alarms that it would lead to reduced staffing and thus increased pressure on the staff - who threatened to leave their jobs.

In the long run, there would be negative consequences for the patients if the ambition was followed.

- The solution is not to make the working environment worse by putting an end to hired personnel, but to make the working conditions in the region better, says Lars Rocksén.

Kronoberg: No such signals

Kronberg's Director of Health and Medical Services Roger O Nilsson wants to be clear that the ambition does not mean an absolute stop.

- Our clear objective is that you should be employed by us.

As part of this, we have the ambition that residents in Kronoberg should not be hired personnel in Region Kronoberg, he tells SVT.

Is there a risk that this ambition will make it even more difficult to staff the operations in the region?

- We have not received such signals that this would mean that we are doing this in a structured and balanced way.