Local politicians and citizens in Nidda can choose: Would they like to finance a larger or smaller six-digit loss per year from the municipal budget?

A deficit that is increasing from year to year.

And all with seeing eyes and not caught off guard.

“The smaller one” seems to be the obvious answer at first glance.

But after the first shock, you have to show more courage and go to the extreme, but with a sense of proportion.

According to the explanations of the experts commissioned by the city, a new building in Hessen's smallest spa town of Bad Salzhausen is preferable to a renovation of the Liebig thermal baths, which were closed at the end of September due to excessive operating costs.

According to their calculations, the new building would entail an even higher subsidy requirement than a renovated thermal bath.

However, that would be due to the comparatively higher burden of interest and repayment and not to day-to-day business.

A new building can be erected more energy-efficiently and, in case of doubt, be better adapted to the special character of Bad Salzhausen.

The spa is indeed the jewel evoked by citizens of Nidda.

However, that also means that the goal cannot be to compete directly with the new Sprudelhof thermal baths and the planned giant building in Bad Vilbel.

There is always more money available locally.

And if you want to drive from Frankfurt past Bad Vilbel and Bad Nauheim to Salzhausen, you have to find good reasons there.

The fact that it won't be the masses is already due to the lack of proximity to a freeway.

Regardless of this, Hessen's smallest health resort can work out some of its strengths better.

The spa gardens, including the new graduation house, as well as the nearby sculpture park, are worth a visit, especially in connection with the salty medicinal springs.

The water is bubbling and usable, but more could be gotten out of it economically.

Looking at some sources, self-confident Niddaers even speak of a unique selling point.

To this end, Bad Salzhausen should distinguish itself more strongly as a member of the Wetterau Kneipp spa triangle alongside Bad Nauheim and Bad Vilbel.

At the moment, anyone who wants to Kneipp there has to look specifically for a way.

The Nidda district already scores with its closeness to nature, manageability and tranquillity.

A conscious upgrading can only be useful.