The first alarm came at 05.44 on Friday morning and rescue operations are currently underway.

The bus had a total of 22 passengers.

- About ten people are injured after a regional bus has slipped off the road and is lying on its side by the ditch, says Patric Nilsson, officer on duty at the Southern Rescue Service.

Four seriously injured

He says that all 22 passengers are out of the bus and are being taken care of by ambulance and medical staff at the scene.

According to the police, at least four of them are seriously injured and taken to hospital by ambulance.

- We do not suspect any crime.

It is the condition of the road that caused the accident, it is extremely slippery in Skåne.

But the traffic accident will be investigated, says Patric Fors, police spokesperson.

The E22 in the northbound direction was closed during the morning to facilitate ambulance transport from the accident site, but at half past eight the traffic was allowed to open again.

Lame on the roads

The Swedish Transport Administration states that the road was closed in the northbound direction between Fogdarp and Osbyholm during the rescue operation.

During the night to Friday it snowed in Skåne and on Friday morning the roads are very slippery.

SMHI has issued a yellow weather warning when the temperature is around zero and up to 10 centimeters of snow is expected.

- It is very slippery in the area and now there is a difficult traffic situation with long queues on the E22 after the accident, says Patric Nilsson.

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