Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning hosted a regular press conference on February 1.

  A reporter asked: NATO Secretary-General said during his visit to Japan that NATO must remain united and firm to deal with China's security threats.

The Secretary-General also said that what happened in Europe today could happen in East Asia tomorrow.

what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?

  Mao Ning said that China has repeatedly expressed its position on NATO-related issues.

On the one hand, NATO claims that its positioning as a regional and defensive alliance has not changed. On the other hand, it continues to break through traditional defense zones and fields, and constantly strengthens military security ties with Asia-Pacific countries, exaggerating the "China threat." The relevant moves should arouse the concern of regional countries. Be on high alert.

  China has always been a defender of world and regional peace and stability.

On hotspot issues, we have always been active in promoting peace and talks to cool down the situation.

NATO should seriously consider what role it has played in maintaining European security.

  What I want to emphasize is that the Asia-Pacific is not a battlefield for geopolitical competition, and the Cold War mentality and confrontation between camps are not welcome.

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