From niche carnivals to mass competitions, Chinese e-sports has continued to break down prejudices and barriers for more than 20 years.

  In 2001, Chinese players Ma Tianyuan and Wei Qidi won the first world championship of Chinese e-sports in the WCG Interstellar 2V2 event.

At that time, e-sports was only a niche existence and could not be compared with traditional sports.

  In 2016, the Chinese team Wings won the 6th DOTA2 International Invitational Tournament. Fans around the world are full of admiration and yearning for Chinese e-sports; in 2021, EDG won the S11 Global Finals, which caused an uproar.

Driven by mainstream competitions, exchanges and interactions between Chinese and foreign e-sports have become increasingly close.

  How do e-sports players pursue their dreams?

How can e-sports promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign youth?

What is the current status of e-sports development in China?

In this regard, China News Agency's "East and West Dialogue between Chinese and Foreign Youth" invited Li Jie, vice chairman of the E-sports Working Committee of the Internet Society of China, Chen Jingwei, deputy dean of the School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China, and Cao Zhishun (ID: Jiucheng) and Italian-Chinese "League of Legends" professional player Zhao Zhiqiang (ID: shad0w) started a dialogue.

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Excerpts from the conversation are as follows:

"E-sports enters Asia", how to tear off the label of prejudice?

China News Agency reporter: In your opinion, what is the difference between e-sports and playing games?

  Chen Jingwei: E-sports is not equal to playing games.

The championship is the goal of e-sports players, and happiness is the pursuit of gamers.

The courage and fearlessness displayed by e-sports players in the competition are connected with the spirit of competitive sports. They cross cultures and inspire generations of Chinese and foreign youths.

  Li Jie: There is a qualitative difference between e-sports and playing games.

E-sports players train hard and interpret the game day after day in order to win; while playing games is the pastime and entertainment of life.

It can be said that e-sports is a competition for the minority and entertainment for the masses.

China News Agency reporter: In November 2021, e-sports will become an official competition event of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

What do the two professional players think of "e-sports entering Asia"?

  shad0w: For e-sports people, "e-sports entering Asia" is exciting news, and it is also a milestone in the history of e-sports development. This means that e-sports has officially been accepted by the mainstream, and the social recognition of e-sports players has also increased .

  Jiucheng: After "e-sports enters Asia", the medals won by e-sports events will be included in the national medal list, which means that e-sports players have the opportunity to fight for the country.

If one can achieve results in the Asian Games, it will be an honor both for the individual and the country.

At the same time, more people will pay attention to e-sports, and some commercial organizations and enterprises will also join in, driving the entire industry to "out of the circle".

E-sports youth, how to "play to the point"?

Reporter from China News Agency: How did Jiucheng and shad0w become professional players in e-sports?

What is life like in an e-sports club?

  shad0w: When I first came into contact with e-sports, I was considered an "Internet addict". My parents opposed my lifestyle.

To prove it to them, I went after my career dream.

They started to worry about my financial situation, fearing that I would not be able to support myself, but I used my actions to tell them that professional e-sports can also be a career.

Later, my parents saw my grades and began to support me slowly.

  Life in the club is relatively monotonous. Except for sleeping, eating, and washing, basically all the time is spent in high-intensity training.

  Jiucheng: My experience is quite different from that of shad0w.

My family is in the computer business, so I have been exposed to electronic products since I was a child, and my family often took me to play games.

In the game, I met professional players, and they would introduce me to the game and professional life, and I found that this was a perfect match for my dream, so I started my career.

China News Agency reporter: Is e-sports an industry that eats "youth food"?

  Jiucheng: I don’t think it’s not that you can achieve results at a young age, nor does it mean that you can’t achieve results at an older age.

E-sports tests the brain power and reaction ability of players. If occupational diseases can be prevented and treated in time, players can maintain a competitive state when they are 30 or even 40 years old while maintaining a good work schedule and a healthy life.

  Li Jie: Age is not a limit. The country stipulates that professional players must be at least 18 years old.

Although the ability to respond to movements will gradually decline with age, but for players, through reasonable systematic training and years of actual combat accumulation, they can have a longer career.

Just like in football, experienced goalkeepers tend to be between the ages of 28 and 32.

Reporter from China News Agency: More and more colleges and universities offer e-sports majors. What do you study in this major?

What are the job prospects?

  Chen Jingwei: E-sports is a very long industrial chain, which can be divided into upstream, midstream and downstream.

The upstream mainly focuses on game development; the midstream includes event organization, operation, director, editing and broadcasting; the downstream directly faces the audience, including athletes, clubs, commentators, etc.

Although different schools will focus on the selection of training directions and subdivided fields, they all focus on cultivating upstream and midstream e-sports professionals, and tend to combine theory and practice in the teaching mode.

  The e-sports industry market continues to develop, and there is more demand for talents.

E-sports enthusiasts can do some understanding and practice before considering engaging in this industry. Whether it is an athlete, or joining an upstream or midstream industry, I think there are opportunities and room for development.

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How can one screen help youth communicate?

China News Agency reporter: The strong development of the e-sports industry has broadened the space and boundaries of youth cultural and sports activities in various countries. In your opinion, how to promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign youths through e-sports?

  shad0w: E-sports is a new "world language". In the world of e-sports, we can meet friends from all over the world, understand each other, unite and cooperate, and compete fairly. Everyone can communicate in the virtual world and show their respective cultures. The cultivation and heritage in DNA.

  Chen Jingwei: People are used to worshiping the best in their field, and the field of e-sports is no exception.

As the direct carrier of e-sports culture, we are proud of e-sports players' unyielding will, increasingly sophisticated professional skills, and the lack of arrogance or rashness in the face of challenges.

These shining points are synonymous with the younger generation in China and also the background of Chinese culture. They attract the attention of global e-sports participants and let more people know and understand China.

China News Agency reporter: Many Chinese and foreign youths have formed friendships through e-sports. Which game character would you recommend to overseas youths?

  Jiucheng: I would recommend Guan Yu, the martial sage in "Glory of the King", which is a warrior-type hero based on the famous Shu Han general of the Three Kingdoms.

Chinese elements such as Qinglong Yanyue and Chituma are integrated into it, and overseas players will have a different game experience.

It can be said that e-sports is telling the charm of the country in a way that is easy for people to accept, and showing the righteousness and loyalty in the Chinese martial arts culture to the world.

China News Agency reporter: What is the current situation of China's e-sports market?

What efforts need to be made to promote the development of China's e-sports industry?

  Chen Jingwei: As an emerging industry, the development of the e-sports market requires not only the regulation of practitioners' labor intensity, risk avoidance, and profit distribution at the national level; but also the promotion of industry rules, talent training, and Sino-foreign exchanges by non-governmental organizations.

  Li Jie: At present, China has become the largest e-sports market in the world. Relevant policies are gradually being improved, and there will be broader development prospects in the future.

  To promote the sustainable development of the industry, I think we can focus on the following five aspects.

First, we must insist on making in China.

Chinese e-sports needs Chinese elements. Only with self-developed game IPs will they have a greater voice in the e-sports market.

  Second, attach importance to the training of e-sports talents.

As the core development force of the e-sports market, outstanding e-sports talents are conducive to establishing a good image of Chinese youth in the international community.

  Third, dig deep into the e-sports industry from multiple angles.

In the digital economy environment, the diversified attributes of e-sports products can provide more business models and help the sound development of China's e-sports industry.

  Fourth, cultivate a sense of social responsibility in the e-sports industry.

In recent years, anti-addiction to games has become a hot topic, and the mental and physical health of e-sports players has also attracted attention from all walks of life. E-sports practitioners should take responsibility and demonstrate the value and vitality of "smart sports" and "e-sports".

  Fifth, enrich the e-sports event system and create a global e-sports platform.

The e-sports industry should connect with the external circulation while realizing the internal circulation, so as to contribute to the development of scale, marketization and modernization.

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