The deputy (SE) of Haute-Savoie Xavier Roseren discovered on Monday that the facade of the premises of his office in Sallanches (Haute-Savoie) had been covered with a hostile slogan written in red paint.

The tags were made the day before the day of mobilization against the pension reform proposed by the government, notes

Le Dauphiné Libéré


👏 Thank you to the pseudo artists for this well-argued criticism which will cost ~500€ at the expense of the taxpayers (the authors therefore in part) to change the visual (we console ourselves by saying that it will give a little work to a local company) .

Make an appointment next time!

— Xavier Roseren (@XavierRoseren) January 30, 2023

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“Covid War Retirement = Treason”, can we read on the facade of the building, of which the elected official relayed photos on his Twitter account the same day.

On the social network, Xavier Roseren ironically thanked the author or authors of the facts.

He explained that the replacement of the visual covering the window would provide work for a local company.

The parliamentarian elected in 2017, however, denounced the gesture for which he assessed the price of the repair at 500 euros, which will be paid by taxpayers.

“Make a date next time,” he sarcastically advised the taggers.

Xavier Roseren said that Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne had expressed her support following the degradations.

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