It was last November that the man sought out a 14-year-old boy on Snapchat.

They started writing to each other and the boy told two of his friends about it.

The boys thought it was amusing and a bit exciting that the 14-year-old was courted by - as they perceived it - a pedophile.

The two friends also made contact with the man, who did not know that the trio were friends.

To both of them, the man sent pictures of his penis.

Demanded money

Eventually the man arranged a meeting with the first boy he came in contact with.

They were seen at a bus stop in Fyrislund in Uppsala, and several of the boy's friends were also there.

During the trial, they said that they were disgusted by the man and wanted to embarrass him.

They confronted him and demanded SEK 1,000 for not reporting the matter to the police.

The man paid - but was still reported to the police for sexual harassment.

The police searched the man's home and found phones and a system camera that contained images and videos of child abuse.

He was later arrested and remanded in custody.

The man is now sentenced to one year in prison for sexual molestation of children and serious child pornography offences.

He has made certain concessions during the trial and must now pay damages to the three boys.