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■ Broadcast: SBS Kim Tae-hyun's Political Show (FM 103.5 MHz 7:00 ~ 09:00)

■ Date: February 1, 2022 (Wednesday)

■ Progress: Lawyer Kim Tae-hyun

■ Cast: Kim Jae-won, former Blue House chief of staff for political affairs

▷Kim Tae-hyun: The time has come for the third part of Wednesday's political show, the Yeouido pilgrimage road.

Kim Jae-won, who served as the Blue House chief of staff for political affairs, came out of the former Supreme Council of People's Power.


▶Kim Jae-won: Hello.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Today, whenever I listen to this music, who will our congressman send to Santiago this week?

This is the kind of music that always makes me curious, when I listen to that music.

Let's look forward to it.

There are many issues today.

By the way, Congressman, you said you were running for the supreme council this time.

▶Kim Jae-won: Yes, I announced my candidacy.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: So, aren't there any parts that you feel uncomfortable talking about?

There are many issues related to the People's Power National Convention.

▶Kim Jae-won: You have to do as much as you can.

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

I have a rough idea of ​​which items will be inconvenient, but let's try this one first.

Former lawmaker Seung-Min Yoo announced that he would not run for office, yesterday.

did you expect

▶Kim Jae-won: I fully expected that.

And as former lawmaker Seung-Min Yoo said himself, there is no point in running for the national convention, you said that.

In fact, there is no possibility of entering the finals, that is, the competition between the two.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: It is difficult in reality.

▶Kim Jae-won: So, it should be with the intention that you will run for the party convention and come out after talking only about your convictions, but if you do something, you can end up as a minor candidate.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: It could be cut off.

Not until the cutoff?

▶Kim Jae-won: It won't be until the cutoff level of 4 people, but generally it's quite painful when you have to fight with former CEO Hwang Kyo-ahn.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: So even if it loses, it should be meaningful to some extent.

▶Kim Jae-won: Once you become a minor candidate, it becomes quite difficult from then on.

▷ Kim Tae-Hyun: Then, if former Congressman Yoo Seung-min doesn't retire from politics, he has to continue politics in the future.

By the way, the last presidential election, primary, and Gyeonggi-do governor primary.

He continued to taste defeat and did not even participate in the caucus this time.

What path do you see for former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min in the future?

▶Kim Jae-won: Well, if you analyze various public opinion polls that examine the approval ratings of former Congressman Seung-min Yoo, Congressman Seung-min Yoo always supports the people's strength rather than those who support the people's strength in the opinion polls that evaluate the members of our people's strength. Because people who don't express support.

Then, if you go to another political party where people who do not support the power of the people gather, will you support former Congressman Seung-min Yoo?

And that's not to say.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: That's right.

▶Kim Jae-won: So, in their minds, what they expect from Congressman Yoo Seung-min within the power of the people is such support that it is fun to cause trouble within the power of the people, and personally, they continue to attack the party line in line with the will of such supporters. I've been doing it over and over again.

So, first of all, you have to look back to see if this is right for you as a politician.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min declared that he would not run and said he would be patient and wait for the right time.

When are you talking about this time?

any situation.

▶Kim Jae-won: I want this situation to change, so I think it means that I will wait for a situation where all the mainstream forces exit.

For me, even if the mainstream forces leave, the basis for supporting the party is ultimately the party members or supporters.

In many countries, there is controversy over whether to lead the party centered on period party members or to lead the party centered on supporters as a whole.

Then, the person who has been abandoned by the supporters has to be seen as having no place to stand in the party.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Even if the so-called Yoon Haek-gwan power declines, it seems to mean that it is not easy for Congressman Seung-min Yoo, who does not receive support from party members. , In response to my question, “What do you think you will do?”

Do you agree, that part?

▶Kim Jae-won: What we need to look back on that part is that the case in which the conservative party collapsed and collapsed most disastrously was impeachment.

But at that time, I founded the Bareun Party, went out, and finally came back after shaking my hands again.

I'll have to look back on that time again.

Back then, Congressman Yoo Seung-min had a much better political base than he does now, in many ways.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: There was CEO Kim Moo-sung and there were forces, at that time.

▶Kim Jae-won: And there was also a political argument of its own, but now it seems that there is no room for such a political argument.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: I think you mean that it is not easy in reality.

▶Kim Jae-won: However, if you look back on yourself, the road will open, but there is a question of whether you will look back.

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

Now, let me talk about the party convention, which may be difficult for former Supreme Council member Kim Jae-won to answer.

How are you looking at the market right now?

Not the supreme council election, but the party representative election.

▶Kim Jae-won: I am becoming very influential in the supreme council election.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: I want to believe that too.

I believe so too.

▶Kim Jae-won: In the case of the representative competition, the votes are very fluctuating and I think that it has passed the inflection point.

But from about two weeks ago, of course, I have no choice but to be very sensitive to the trends of public sentiment and voters in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, and they talk a lot to me.

About two weeks ago, I felt a lot of abnormal symptoms.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: What if you say abnormal symptoms?

▶Kim Jae-won: So, among the votes, the most important thing to pay attention to is that when voting with anger, there are cases where there is no answer and it collapses.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: We talk about that a lot.

▶Kim Jae-won: I have a strange feeling, but the affection and support for President Yoon Seok-yeol is very strong.

▷Kim Tae-hyeon: Daegu-Gyeongbuk.

▶Kim Jae-won: However, there is a significant change in the vote, just as former President Park Geun-hye at the time of the 2010 local elections, the pro-Park coalition appeared at that time, and in 2008, as a result of the pro-Park nomination massacre, the pro-Park coalition appeared, and Congressman Park Geun-hye took the right to veto Yeouido. Appeared as a character and was actually powerful.

▷Kim Tae-hyeon: President of Yeouido?

▶Kim Jae-won: It was at a time when he was enjoying authority, and he nominated an aunt from Dalseong-gun, his constituency, as county governor, in the 2010 local elections.

And he was the kind of guy he was, the way I see it.

However, the independent candidate, who seemed unlikely to win, began to lead overwhelmingly.

So many people wonder what the hell is going on.

The people of Dalseong-gun asked if they had abandoned Park Geun-hye, so I thought it was an anomaly and went a lot to help with the election, but I also went in the process of helping the election.

What I felt was that the residents of Dalseong-gun said that at that time, if Congressman Park Geun-hye was to become the next president, he had to look back on himself for making a mistake in nomination in this local election.

So when I heard that story from a woman in her 70s I met at Hwawon Market, I thought that this election was irreversible.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Then the situation at that time was similar to now?

Now, it is true that you strongly support President Seok-Yeol Yoon and hope that TK public sentiment will go well, but are you saying that there is great dissatisfaction and anger about the current state of the National Convention?

▶Kim Jae-won: If you talk like that now, I can't just answer.

Anyway, now...

▷Kim Tae-hyun: You said everything, but at the end you didn't pick yes or no.

▶Kim Jae-won: I only talked about the old days.

So, the support for the president is strong, but wouldn't it be right to hold a representative election at the party convention to reflect this situation where the president's support is strong?

▷Kim Tae-hyun: It came out yesterday.

▶Kim Jae-won: I have no choice but to do this.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Congressman, did you see the poll that came out yesterday?

Commissioned by Segye Ilbo, Korea Gallup poll.

Targeting the people's strength supporters.

Could you please give me some exact numbers?

Rep. Ahn Chul-soo becomes about 60%, and then Rep. Kim Ki-hyun.

Earlier, we told you about the briefing, but it is about 30%, so there is a 20-30% difference.

It's a completely different opinion poll from the polls that have come out so far.

So you're saying that you could see the flow from about 2 weeks ago?

▶Kim Jae-won: So, it is the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region that can feel the public opinion of party members or supporters most sensitively.

▷Taehyung Kim: Wait a minute.

Ahn Cheol-soo 60.5, Kim Ki-hyun 37.1.

This is a 24.4% gap in the ruling party's support base.

you tell me

▶Kim Jae-won: So, it is the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region that can feel it most sensitively and quickly, and especially the Gyeongbuk region feels that way a lot.

Anyway, I kept thinking that it was not unusual.

▷Kim Tae-Hyun: The bottom line from 2 weeks ago?

▶Kim Jae-won: Those stories that come to me.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: How should I read this poll?

Commissioned by Segye Ilbo, Gallup Korea.

▶Kim Jae-won: But there can be ups and downs in public opinion polls, and another one.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: But this survey is very different.

▶Kim Jae-won: That survey is a poll centered on supporters, not a poll targeting party members.

In particular, the votes of the party members may not have followed that much yet, but I think there is still a way if you know that the public sentiment of the party members in the field is also changing quite a bit and deal with it.

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

I can guess which camp you're talking about, but I can't tell you who, because you're running for the Supreme Council.

How about this one?

Controversy over photos of Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, Nam Jin, and Kim Yeon-kyung, who have been talking about it since yesterday or the day before yesterday.

How should I look at this?

▶Kim Jae-won: If I become a candidate, I want to borrow a cat's hand if I win an election.

▷Kim Tae-hyeon: They say they go anywhere if they get a ticket.

▶Kim Jae-won: Of course.

There are candidates who say they want to dig up their ancestors' graves, but then they overdo it a little. It's not like there's a change in the approval rating because of that, but it's just about giving an excuse for a little attack. If you have passed the inflection point I mentioned, if you deal with this in a big way and don't look back overall, if you keep going in that direction because you think our direction is right, you tend to fall into it eventually.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Is that what you mean by saying that there is a part that Congressman Ki-hyun Kim needs to reconsider about the direction of the election campaign or the things that are campaigning at the camp level?

▶Kim Jae-won: He will change the direction himself, of course.

If you're in an election like this, you're going ahead, and then one day, when this kind of poll comes out, you're very surprised, and you have an emergency meeting and have a lot of discussions about why it happened.

Because public opinion is swaying.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: I do.

Let's talk about the Democrats.

Chairman Kim Seong-tae's mouth began to open.

Since this is news from the prosecution, I don't know how the court will judge it, but if you look at the local media reports, to summarize, I called Lee Jae-myeong twice.

And he sent 3 million dollars to North Korea for Lee Jae-myeong's visit to North Korea.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong even said thank you for sending money to North Korea.

It was reported that this was the current prosecutor's statement by former chairman Kim Seong-tae of Ssangbang-wool.

How do you see this situation?

I said I didn't know in the past, so CEO Lee Jae-myung.

▶Kim Jae-won: Is there one or two things CEO Lee Jae-myung doesn't know?

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Chairman Kim Seong-tae said at first that he did not know CEO Lee Jae-myung.

▶Kim Jae-won: That's it, he is known as a former gangster.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: It is known that way.

▶Kim Jae-won: A person called a gangster, the characteristic of thugs is that they don't have much patience.

So, people who use violence, for example, steal food from others when they are hungry, take money from anyone when they have no money, and hit anyone when they are angry.

I mean, this is a gangster.

So, if you get investigated, the one who can't hold out for long and blows around is another gangster.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Rather?

▶Kim Jae-won: That's right.

That's why gangster investigations have to start knowing those characteristics.

And if you want to date a gangster, you have to know those characteristics and date them.

However, looking at the current situation, CEO Lee Jae-myeong said that he didn't even call one day, and then changed it while drinking.

At that time, the water had already burst.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong is already a person who keeps making a good confession when something like that happens.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: In advance?

▶Kim Jae-won: But I make it as if I didn't lie, but there must be a lot of stories to come out.

But now, at least 3 million dollars is not provided to North Korea for President Lee Jae-myeong's visit to North Korea.

Then CEO Lee Jae-myeong spent the money that should have been spent instead.

This is bribery because he gave the governor the money he needed to do his job.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Is this also a third-party bribe?

▶Kim Jae-won: You paid it back instead, to North Korea.

So this will be a lot of legal issues.

So, because of this situation, CEO Lee Jae-myung revealed the truth a little more, and why did Ssangbang-ul give Lee Jae-myung this kind of money, 3 million dollars instead, help a politician named Lee Jae-myung in his political activities and provide convenience to visit North Korea? .

In other words, he made Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young play a role for inter-Korean exchanges under the name of Vice-Governor of Peace, not vice-governor of economy, and met Kim Young-chul, who is accused of causing North Korea's sinking of the Cheonan warship. It's not that I'm trying to make an event that raises things up.

And wasn't that money given to you by Ssangbull instead?

What crime could be worse than this?

One of the most significant crimes ever committed was exposed.

I think this is a far more serious crime than paying attorney fees.

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

▶Kim Jae-won: Isn't it?

Think about it.

Isn't it a more serious crime to go to North Korea and make a political event and give money to North Korea in return than paying the lawyer's fee instead?

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

This is the result of the prosecution's investigation.

▶Kim Jae-won: I want to ask CEO Lee Jae-myung.

▷Kim Taehyun: What?

▶Kim Jae-won: Isn't that a more important crime?

▷Kim Tae-hyeon: Representative Lee Jae-myung said that it is a new novel written by the prosecution and that it will not sell well.

▶Kim Jae-won: Why do gangsters write novels? Gangsters.

It's not that a gangster named Kim Seong-tae made a statement.

Why do statements related to him come out, but they say that they are all novels and do not sell?

People all over the world are curious.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Are you saying that there is no reason for former chairman Kim Seong-tae to lie in the current situation?

▶Kim Jae-won: You must have talked at least now.

However, gangsters usually have a hard time holding back and talk about everything.

▷Kim Tae-hyun: Is that so?


The aforementioned opinion poll was commissioned by Segye Ilbo and conducted by Gallup Korea from January 26 to 27 with 1,006 people. Who will you send to Santiago today?

▶Kim Jae-won: Former Congressman Yoo Seung-min said he had a lot of time and was patient, so I really recommend it one more time.

▷Kim Taehyung: I know.

While saying that former lawmaker Seung-min Yoo is going to Santiago today, I will finish here with former Supreme Councilor Kim Jae-won.

Senator, thank you for coming out today.

▶Jaewon Kim: Thank you.

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