China has notified that it will conduct corona PCR tests on all arrivals from Korea starting tomorrow (the 1st).

It is said that only arrivals from Korea will be inspected, but it seems to be a retaliatory measure for extending the suspension of visa issuance.

This is Beijing Correspondent Jisung Kim.

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is a text sent by the Chinese government to Korean airlines and Chinese airlines traveling to and from Korea.

It is said that from tomorrow, passengers on direct flights from Korea will be subjected to entry inspections, that is, Corona 19 PCR tests.

It was suddenly sent one day before the implementation, and it was notified that those who tested positive would be quarantined at home or facilities, or undergo treatment.

China abolished PCR testing and quarantine for foreign arrivals from the 8th after easing quarantine measures, but it revived PCR testing and quarantine only for arrivals from Korea.

The Korean Embassy in China said it was figuring out the PCR test method and quarantine location.

Previously, the Korean government extended the suspension of short-term visa issuance to Chinese by one month until the end of next month, as it could not rule out the possibility of a resurgence of Corona 19 after the Chinese Lunar New Year.

In addition, PCR tests are being conducted for entrants from China.

This notice from China is a corresponding measure for our PCR test and an additional retaliatory measure for the extension of the visa issuance suspension.

[Maoning/Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson: China resolutely opposes (discriminatory measures against China) and has reasons to take equal necessary measures.]

The Korean government will always restrict restrictions whenever the COVID-19 situation for travelers from China becomes tolerable. It is a position that action can be taken.

[Han Deok-soo/Prime Minister: Even if it is not until February 28, we will consider whether to lift it before then.]

The entry restrictions in Korea and China are increasing in intensity, but China says that Korea should lift the measures first. He has reiterated his position.

(Video coverage: Choi Deok-hyun, video editing: Cho Moo-hwan, CG: Jo Soo-in)