He said this in an interview with LRT.

According to Nausėda, the red lines were drawn "not by Western democracies", but by Russia, and they exist "only in their heads".

“Still, we manage to wash them, this has happened more than once,” said the President of the Republic.

He added that the conflict in Ukraine is "in a decisive phase" when a turning point could occur.

At such a moment, the politician believes, the West cannot delay and it is necessary to supply military assistance to Kyiv.

“So my answer is that these red lines need to be crossed,” he said.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that almost a real war is being waged between Russia and the West.

The American newspaper Politico wrote that the continuation of Russia's special operation in Ukraine in 2023 will be a new difficult test for Western countries, as well as for those red lines that they have set for themselves regarding the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army.