Regarding child-rearing support measures, former Liberal Democratic Party Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Marukawa said, "Reflections on the former Democratic Party of Japan's administration when it introduced a "child allowance" with no income limit." I want to reflect on what I should do."

Former Liberal Democratic Party Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Marukawa, who was in charge of the Democratic Party of Japan 13 years ago, said in a committee vote on a bill to introduce a "child allowance," saying, "You fools made a stupid choice." I will never forgive idiots," he jeered.

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on the 31st, the Constitutional Democratic Party criticized this heckler again, while Prime Minister Kishida said, ``We must reflect on what we should reflect on.''

After that, Mr. Marukawa told reporters in the Diet, "Regarding the jeering, I would like to take Prime Minister Kishida's remarks seriously and reflect on what I should reflect on. At that time, my party also took up my remarks. I also made T-shirts and sold them, so I think that our party, including myself, should reflect on what we should do."

On the other hand, “I think we should make appropriate policy decisions at the time, given the dramatic changes in birth rates and birth numbers. We are choosing policies that are appropriate to the situation," he said.

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Seko "We also skipped the opposition era"

Seko, Secretary-General of the House of Councillors of the Liberal Democratic Party, said at a press conference in relation to former Minister Marukawa's jeering over child allowances, ``We also jeered violently during our time as an opposition party, but since returning to the ruling party, we have I've been trying to keep it down. Isn't it for each party to make a judgment with common sense?"