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YouTuber 'Mr. Beast' with 130 million subscribers and the most subscribers in the world is a hot topic for helping visually impaired people regain their eyesight.

Having earned more than 64 billion won in 2021, he cooperated with non-profit organizations and 'Mr.' to support the surgery costs of 1,000 visually impaired people around the world, CNN and other foreign media reported.

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A woman sheds tears of joy as soon as she takes off her eye patch after surgery, a man hugs his son with emotion after seeing his lifelong wish, and a high school student who regains sight in one eye after 10 years is thrilled when he receives a gift of college tuition.

Mr. Beast became even more famous in Korea by making a live-action version of a squid game.

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When the number of subscribers reached 20 million, we hosted an event to plant 20 million trees, and carried out various preceding projects such as helping shelters for stray dogs and cleaning the beach.

Netizens responded such as "The best content and good influence", "You deserve success", and "Lifetime subscription confirmed".

(Screen source: YouTube MrBeast)