It was last Thursday that seven young people were arrested in Sundsvall.

They are now suspected of a number of serious crimes – preparation for murder, serious weapons offenses and handling explosives.

During the raids, large quantities of narcotics, a weapon and objects suspected of being unexploded thermos bombs were found, according to the prosecutor's office.

On Sunday, four of the suspects were detained, one of whom is a 23-year-old man who is suspected of preparation for murder.

The man has previously received a punishment order for minor drug offences, but is linked to a criminal group in Teleborg in Växjö according to Smålandsposten.

On Monday, there will be a custody hearing regarding the three other people.

See the images from the crackdown in the clip below.

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A large police operation was carried out on Thursday evening at at least two addresses in Sundsvall - see the photos from the raid here.