In November 2021, the woman's brother was found dead in Gislaved municipality.

The man suffered from an intellectual disability and the sister was sentenced to prison for giving him a fatal dose of pills.

Now the woman requests a stay in the Supreme Court.

Her lawyer Kjell-Åke Lundin and former Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz highlight in a letter new research findings on suicide and self-harm behavior among young people, especially among people with autism.

Lundin and Lambertz believe that these findings could have led to a different outcome in court.

Furthermore, they write that HD should first overturn the sentence and order a new trial, alternatively acquit the woman outright or at least sentence her for the lesser crime, that is, incitement to suicide.

Denies crime

The woman was sentenced by the Court of Appeal to twelve years in prison for manslaughter.

She has admitted that she gave her brother the pills, but has always denied any wrongdoing.

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In the clip above, Niklas Rundberg, judge in the Göta Court of Appeal, talks about how the court reasoned about sentencing a woman for murder instead of manslaughter.

Photo: from the Police's preliminary investigation