An explosion in an apartment building in Akalla in northern Stockholm.

Two explosions northwest of the capital, one in Upplands-Bro and one in Upplands Väsby.

A shooting inside a restaurant in the center of Skogå, where a 15-year-old boy died from his injuries.

This is an act of violence that occurred just this past weekend.

Conflict between gangs

Diamant Salihu describes it as a continuation of a conflict that is going on, simply put, between two gangs fighting over the drug market, primarily in Sundsvall.

Sources tell SVT Nyheter that the fatal shooting is suspected to have a connection to the recent wave of violence in Stockholm and Uppsala.

- And it has become a matter of honor with very personal motives, says Diamant Salihu.

- There is also a lot of revenge motive, that you constantly have to respond to those who are considered to be involved in different ways, he continues.

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