“This is not a Fiat!

It is in these terms that Olivier François, CEO of Fiat-Abarth, unveiled the Abarth 500e Scorpionissima.

However, it is seriously derived from the electric Fiat 500 that you already know, we will come back to this. 

The Scorpionissima is a launch series, limited to 1,949 units (figure celebrating the founding year of Abarth).

Available in coupe and convertible, it will be offered in two new colours: acid green (see photos) and poison blue.  

Performances that are debating

From the Fiat to the Abarth, the power has been increased from 118 to 154 horsepower.

The battery with a capacity of 42 kWh is identical to that of the long-range Fiat 500e (320 km).

Knocking down the 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, this Abarth does better than the Fiat.

On the other hand, this electric version is generally less efficient than a gasoline Abarth in acceleration and top speed (limited here to 155 km / h).

That said, it would be faster on a circuit lap but also better in recovery from 40 to 60 km / h. 

Well, and this soundtrack?

As an Abarth can only be imagined with the emotional depth of the roar of its engine, its electric version had to provide substitute acoustic stimulation, hence the added soundtrack.

The beep that accompanies switching on the ignition here becomes a jingle (a guitar chord).

A suggestive digital sound spectrum (can be deactivated) punctuates driving, usually playful on board an Abarth.

Even if nothing will replace the roar of an Abarth exhaust...


Tolls in France: The increase in tariffs illegal!


Polestar 2: up to 635 km of range!

3 driving modes 

The 3 driving programs (Normal, Range, Sherpa) of the Fiat 500e change on the Abarth into Scorpion Track, Scorpion Street, Turismo;

the latter mode reduces power to 136 horsepower.

More aggressive, the Scorpion Street mode favors “single-pedal” steering, making maximum use of braking, which recovers energy as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.

Speaking of energy recovery, it takes 35 minutes on fast charge to recharge to 80% battery.

The price has not yet been revealed.

The gasoline-powered Abarths remain on sale “as long as there is demand,” said Olivier François, CEO of the brand.

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