It was a night in May 2020. According to the police, the largest part of the cocaine shipped here by cargo ship was picked up by two men in a motorboat.

But some packages were left in the sea.

A total of 24 kilograms of cocaine was found.

"Absolutely decisive"

After encrypted apps were cracked, the police were able to see who was involved in the handling of the cocaine.

- It was absolutely decisive.

Without these encrypted chats, we would never have made it all the way, says Johan Ekström.

According to the investigation, two Swedish citizens led the drug business from hiding places outside Europe.

Two other people who are described as having a leading role in various criminal networks in Gothenburg were responsible for receiving, storing and transporting the cocaine.

Other people have acted as couriers and stored money.

Drugs worth 100s of millions of kroner

The police estimate that they seized at least 118 kilos of the cocaine.

On the street, a gram of cocaine costs approximately SEK 900.

118 kilos of cocaine then corresponds to a sales value of just over SEK 106 million.

- We have taken away a large amount of income for organized crime.

Leaders internationally in demand

In the past, about 15 people around the country have been sentenced for handling the drug, according to the police.

Of the four who are now charged, three are suspected of aiding and abetting extremely serious drug smuggling.

All are suspected of particularly serious drug offences.

All deny wrongdoing.

The two people suspected of leading the criminal group from abroad are still at large and are internationally wanted.