Their difference confused their actions

Parents are calling for the unification of decisions to end school hours during the rains

Schools decide to end work, depending on the warnings of the official authorities.

Photography: Ahmed Arditi

Families of students in private schools demanded the unification of decisions to end school hours during weather fluctuations and rainfall so that they are at a specific hour, and that the decision not be random, explaining that the past days witnessed schools ending their working hours at different times, and shifting schools to be remote, while other schools saw the continuation of studies. urbanity.

They said that these decisions caused "exhaustion and confusion of families, especially those who transport children in their cars, or those who have children in more than one school, and parents were forced to leave their work early and suddenly, to receive the children."

On the other hand, private school administrations reported that they take the appropriate decisions regarding the end of school hours for their students during the rains, based on the weather forecast, and according to the geographical location of each school.

In detail, the parents of the students, Shaker Al-Nabhan, Fayez Hamouda, Malak Al-Hashem, and Suad Al-Jabri, said: “The schools’ decisions to end the academic session early and randomly without coordination or relying on an official decision caused their confusion, and forced them to repeat the transfer of their children from schools to homes on more than one trip due to different Timing.”

They added that some schools ended the school hours at one o'clock, while others ended the hours at two o'clock in the afternoon due to the rain and the volatile weather, while the official working hours ended at two o'clock and 45 minutes.

And they continued that the time difference in schools confused them and led to some of them leaving their work suddenly and emergencyly to go to pick up their children on different dates.

They pointed out that it is not easy for parents of students who have more than one student in different schools to repeat the process of transporting their children at different times, especially with the presence of traffic jams in school areas, and returning to schools to take their other children and bring them back again leads to their exhaustion. Perhaps they are late to take their children on time.

They explained that some schools did not inform them of the end of the school hours and left the decision to inform the students who called their families and asked them to come to pick them up from the schools because the school hours ended early, pointing out that one of them left his meeting in order to go to school to take his children, while the mother of one of the students left her shopping cart to go to pick up her son from his school.

They mentioned that the random decisions of schools confuse the students’ families, and that schools must follow up the weather forecasts and warnings issued by the official authorities in the event that a decision is taken to end school hours early and uniformly between schools, in order to avoid disrupting the students’ families from their work.

Private school administrations reported that they had not received any instructions or decision to end the school hours early, and that the decisions issued by the private schools were individual according to the weather and weather conditions in each emirate and in each region, pointing out that the schools decide to end the school hours depending on the warnings of the official authorities and according to bulletins. The weather that the school team follows up, and that if schools see that students can complete the school hours, this will be because the weather condition does not affect their safety, especially since the official remaining time for the end of school hours does not exceed two hours at a rate of two classes.

distant regions

School administrations said that parents of students who live in remote areas can attend schools before the end of school hours and submit a request to take their children early due to the weather, because this is in the interest of the student and his family.

• It is not easy for families of students who have more than one student in different schools to repeat the transfer of their children at different times.

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