The Prime Minister of Italy prefers the title of Prime Minister, not Prime Minister

Italy's first female prime minister likened life in the Palazzo Chigi to a marathon political talk show.

Giorgia Meloni, 46, said she felt like she was in a blender.

"It's like you're moving all the time without stopping," she added.

"The danger is that you become completely absorbed, taking up the time for everything without leaving room for yourself or your family."

And she discussed the challenges of the job for her, her TV journalist partner Andrea Giambruno, 42, and their daughter Jennifer, 6, in an interview with women's magazine Donna Moderna marking her first 100 days in the job.

Meloni, leader of the right-wing Brotherhood of Italy party, stressed the importance of motherhood, religiosity and patriotism.

This left-wing feminist activist refused to be addressed as "Prime Minister", and preferred that everyone call her "Prime Minister", preferring the masculine version of her title.

Meloni said she was determined to have a normal childhood for her daughter and did everything she could to accompany her to school and read her bedtime stories.

"There are days that seem tragic and difficult for me, and when I come home and spend time with Andrea, Jennifer and her enthusiasm I know I'm fine and I know that all the hardships of life can be overcome," she said.

Meloni said the government had been trying to improve the work-life balance for women and encourage people to "rediscover the status of children in the world and understand that children are a resource for the nation".

She warned that if the country could not produce a "demographic GDP", Italy would disappear.

Meloni admitted that she was aware of "impostor syndrome". Impostor syndrome or the phenomenon of impostor is a person's feeling that he is not qualified to do a job, or that a person sees himself as less competent than he actually sees others.

"I was brought up with the idea that I don't deserve anything," she says. "I never feel ready, and I'm always afraid of not fulfilling my responsibilities." I'm hard-headed and try to prove myself more than is sometimes necessary."

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