People's Power criticized Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, who appeared at the prosecution today (28th), saying, "We are preparing a 'Bulletproof Comprehensive Gift Set'."

Spokesman Jang Dong-hyuk commented on the fact that Democratic Party lawmakers came to the scene of Lee's appearance at the prosecutor's office, saying, "CEO Lee Jae-myung seems to be afraid of attending the prosecution." pointed out.

At the same time, ahead of the prosecution's attendance, Lee pointed out, "I issued an order to mobilize the 'prosecution ceremony'" and "It is really tearful and sad."

Spokesman Jang Won-nae also said, "The fact that CEO Lee dared to choose Saturday and insisted on 10:30 is all a meticulous plan for a grand ceremony." I got it," he said sarcastically.

(Photo = Yonhap News)