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  The movie "Spring Festival File" ended on a hot note, setting the second highest box office record in history!

  According to the 2023 Spring Festival movie market data insight report released by the Lighthouse Research Institute on January 28, the box office of the 2023 Spring Festival movie will be 6.758 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.89%; the number of movie viewers will be 129 million, a year-on-year increase of 13.16%; domestic films The box office accounted for 99.22%.

  Why is the film market so hot during the Spring Festival this year?

Who will the box office of over 6.7 billion be distributed to?

Breaking multiple records, the box office in ten cities exceeded 100 million

  Watching movies during the Spring Festival has become a "New Year custom" for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival.

  Since 2010, the number of screens across the country has set off a "climax" of growth, especially in cities below the third tier. The rapid expansion has increased from more than 6,000 screens to more than 80,000 in 10 years. The improvement of infrastructure has stimulated the audience's demand for watching movies. It has gradually become one of the important scenes for the public to watch movies. The box office of the Spring Festival is directly related to the prosperity of the movie market throughout the year.

  According to the report of the Lighthouse Research Institute, the cumulative box office of the six films released during the Spring Festival this year is 2.606 billion for "Manjianghong", 2.164 billion for "The Wandering Earth 2", 748 million for "Bear Infested: Be with Me "Bear Core", and 493 million for "Unknown". 100 million, "Deep Sea" 359 million, and "Exchange Life" 290 million.

  A series of records have been tied and broken: the box office on the third day of the Spring Festival in 2023 "reversed", and the box office exceeded 1 billion for five consecutive days, tying the record of breaking 1 billion days in the Spring Festival in 2021; ·With me "Bear Core", "Deep Sea" and "No Name" and other films have experienced a "counterattack" and a "reverse drop" in the box office. Among them, "Man Jianghong" broke 400 million at the box office for 6 consecutive days, tying "Changjin Lake" It set a record of breaking 400 million days in the National Day file, and the box office of "Bear Infested: With Me "Bear Core"" broke 100 million for 6 consecutive days.

  In terms of city theaters, Shanghai topped the city box office list with a box office of 260 million, followed by Beijing and Chengdu.

Multi-party efforts to help, the market is back on track

  Why are "Spring Festival" movies so popular this year?

  Chen Jin, a data analyst for Beacon Professional Edition, said that the good box office performance of the "Spring Festival stalls" in 2023 is due to the rapid recovery of operating theaters. There are 11,544 theaters, and the number of theaters has recovered to 98% of the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2022. On the other hand, the overall reputation of the Spring Festival films is good.

  Chen Jin mentioned that the four films "Man Jianghong", "Bear Infested: Stay with me "Bear Core", "Unnamed" and "Deep Sea" all showed outstanding single-day box office "reverse declines". It can show that this year's Spring Festival film "a hundred flowers bloom and good films are frequent", and it is expected that more excellent works will appear in the Year of the Rabbit, leading the film market to recover rapidly and develop prosperously.

  In addition to film word-of-mouth and the opening of theaters, there are other forces that are also pulling audiences back to movie theaters during the Spring Festival this year: the average ticket price has dropped for the first time in seven years, from 56.1 yuan last year to 53.5 yuan; The film jointly issued a document, advocating the boycott of piracy and piracy, calling on audiences to enter the theater.

  Chen Jin also noticed that this year's Spring Festival shows a pattern of "two superpowers and many strong", especially "Bear Infested: Stay with Me "Bear Core"" earned 747 million box office. This is also the first time since the "Bear Infested" series entered the Spring Festival file Entered the top three at the box office in the schedule, and the parent-child group returned quickly.

Who will the over 6.7 billion box office be distributed to?

  According to the current domestic box office accounting model, the film box office income is subject to 3.3% tax and 5% special funds for the film industry. After removing this part, 91.7% of the movie box office is the net box office income that can be used for accounting. Calculated from this It can be seen that about 6.197 billion of the box office of this year's "Spring Festival stalls" can participate in the sharing of accounts among theaters, theater companies, producers and distributors.

  Of the 6.197 billion yuan, movie theaters and theater chain companies can take about 57%, about 3.532 billion yuan, and the rest will be shared by companies directly involved in film production and distribution.

  According to public information, a number of listed film and television companies are involved behind the Spring Festival movies.

"The Wandering Earth 2" is produced by China Film, Guo Fan Films, Dengfeng Culture, China Film Creative, Beijing Alibaba Films, Sunac Future Culture and Entertainment, Wanda Films, Shanghai Huace Films, Huayi Brothers, Emperor Films , Hengdian Films and other 35 companies jointly produced; China Films, Guo Fan Films released; Shanghai Tao Piao Piao, Dengfeng Culture and other 4 joint distributions.

  "Manjianghong" is produced by 11 companies such as Huanxi Media, Guangguang Media, China Film, Happy Twist, and Maoyan Weiying, which signed a contract with Zhang Yimou, and jointly produced by 10 companies including Douyin Culture, Jinyi Media, and Shanghai Maoyan Films.

  The producers behind "No Name" are Bona Pictures, Alibaba Pictures, Huaxia Films, and Joy Films.

  Among the producers of Spring Festival movies, the frequency of Chinese movies can be described as high. According to the Beacon Professional Edition, Chinese movies participated in "The Wandering Earth 2", "Man Jianghong", "Bear Infested·Stay with me "Bear Core"" and "Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Strikes Back" The production of four Spring Festival movies.

  The producer and the distributor will share the account according to the specific cooperation situation, which means that the producer and the distributor will get different account sharing ratios, depending on the contract agreement between the two parties.

Generally speaking, the distributor charges 2%-6% of the film’s net box office as the distribution agency fee, and the remaining part belongs to the producer after deducting the agency fee to be paid to China Film or Huaxia.

  Chen Weijia, managing partner of Zhongyuan Capital, said in an interview that although the total box office of "Wandering Earth 2" may not reach 5 billion yuan, the revenue of more than 2 billion yuan is still very profitable.

  According to previous analysis, when the box office of "The Wandering Earth 2" exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, the film (producer) accounted for 658 million yuan, but according to the current results, the producer will get more.

  In the secondary market, due to the positive impact of the Spring Festival stalls, on January 26, Fang Huanxi Media, the producer of "Manjianghong", opened more than 14% higher in early trading.

In addition, the stock prices of A-share stocks such as China Film Group, Huace Film and Television, Enlight Media, and Wanda Films have all risen a year ago.

  Film and television stocks have risen before. According to Choice data, the film and television (803153) index began to rise in a curve from October 2022 (after the National Day file). According to statistics, from October 10, 2022 to January 12, 2023, the film and television index rose Up to 22.18%, the index rose from around 1100 points to around 1500 points recently.

  Huatai Securities stated that with the optimization of domestic epidemic prevention and control policies, the film industry will usher in the dawn of recovery.

In 2023, the movie box office is expected to return to 70% to 80% of the level in 2019, and the theater sector is estimated to be still near the profit and loss point.

"Referring to the pace of recovery abroad, there is a high probability that there will be reciprocation in the process. If the national box office can recover to 48 billion yuan in 2023, we think it should be a very good result."