She suffered from "acute lymphoblastic leukemia" and her sister donated marrow to her

Successful bone marrow transplantation for a 9-month-old girl in Abu Dhabi

Bone marrow transplantation was the only way to save "Afifa's" life.

From the source

A nine-month-old baby girl underwent a successful bone marrow transplant, which was the only way to save her life from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (acute leukemia), and her eight-year-old sister donated her marrow, after matching verification.

The suffering of "Afifa", the fourth child of her family, began when she was only three months old, as she turned pale and had a fever for several days, so she was transferred to a hospital in Ajman, and the results of the analyzes showed that there was something abnormal related to the presence of cancer, which prompted her parents to bring her to the hospital. Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi to conduct additional tests that confirmed that she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that develops rapidly, if not treated urgently.

Dr. Zain Al-Abidin, a consultant in hematology, oncology and bone marrow transplantation at Burjeel Medical City, said, “Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is one of the common cancers in children, but it needs strong treatment. A dangerous genetic mutation, and the only treatment for her condition - according to the international protocol - was bone marrow transplantation, and of course the donor must be a member of her family to match his tissues with the patient.

He explained that in bone marrow transplants from donors, the patient's bone marrow is replaced with healthy blood stem cells, which are obtained from a donor (the ideal donor) who is completely identical, according to HLA antigens, to ensure immune compatibility, and not to be rejected by the patient's body.

He said, "After numerous examinations, it was found that the eight-year-old girl's sister is the most suitable for the operation."

And the child, Nazia (her sister's donor), confirmed that she was very happy when her parents told her that she could help their daughter in treatment, and that she was not afraid of the surgery.

"I feel like she is my twin sister," she said. 

• "Nazia" was very happy when she learned that she could help her sister in treatment, and she was not afraid of the operation.

treatment plan

The medical team continued chemotherapy to stabilize the infant and prepare her for a bone marrow transplant at Burjeel Medical City last month.

In the days following the operation, she underwent rigorous medical attention to monitor her body's response to the new cells.

She suffered some complications, such as infection of the bloodstream, but the medical team succeeded in treating her, and with observation.. the success of the transplant was verified by 100%. 

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