400 dirhams fine for non-compliance with crossing from the designated places

Pedestrians risking using the roads during broken traffic lights

Traffic patrols contribute to spreading awareness among road users.

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Drivers in the eastern region called for intensifying traffic awareness for pedestrian road users during rainy weather, urging them to follow the instructions for crossing roads in rainy weather, and the need to use the tunnels designated for them, so as not to expose themselves to run-over accidents, given the difficulty of traffic in this atmosphere, and the lack of Enables drivers to see clearly.

They also called for them to be made aware of the dangers of crossing roads whose traffic lights are out of order.

They pointed out that pedestrians may face difficult situations while stopping on the side of streets surrounded by puddles of water and rainy gatherings, because some vehicles do not adhere to the appropriate speeds during rain, causing water to fly towards them, calling for a fine for these drivers.

In detail, citizen Anoud Muhammad Al-Kaabi said, "The local authorities in the eastern region and the Emirate of Fujairah are working in full swing during the rain, but there are reckless pedestrians and vehicle drivers who refuse to respond to traffic instructions," noting that "some pedestrians do not adhere to lanes." allocated to them, to shorten the time for themselves ».

She added that «during the rains, some traffic lights are disrupted, and sometimes some roads are closed, due to the difficulty of traffic and pooling of water in them, but there are those who risk crossing them, exposing themselves to the risk of being run over, despite the existence of tunnels designated for them, thinking that crossing The tunnel takes longer than the road.

The citizen, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hafiti, stressed the need to send warnings to pedestrians during the rain, and called on them to follow the instructions for crossing, in order to ensure their safety, because drivers could not see clearly in this atmosphere.

He noted that "some vehicle drivers are not committed to the permitted speeds on the roads during the rain, and do not give others any importance, as they cause water to fly on pedestrians, and continue to drive carelessly."

Citizen Muhammad Abdullah Al-Saadi stated, "The lack of awareness of some pedestrians pushes them to cross the road from places not designated for their crossing, despite the allocation of tunnels and bridges for them in many streets, specifically those on the outskirts of which there are multiple service centers and buildings in order to facilitate their safe and secure crossing."

For his part, the Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Fujairah Police General Command, Colonel Saleh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Dhanhani, confirmed that ignoring traffic instructions from vehicle drivers or pedestrians may cause run-over accidents.

He urged vehicle drivers to be careful and adhere to the prescribed speeds, especially during rain, on crowded roads, residential areas, and near schools, explaining that the violation of pedestrians not adhering to light signals and crossing without designated places amounts to a fine of 400 dirhams.

The violation of not giving priority to pedestrians in the places designated for their crossing amounts to a fine of 500 dirhams and six traffic points.

The Director of the Traffic Awareness and Media Branch at the Fujairah Police General Command, First Lieutenant Moza Abdulsalam Al Darmaki, confirmed the intensification of traffic control patrols, to educate and control violators, work to spread a culture of respect for pedestrian rights, raise awareness via text messages and social media, and give educational lectures.

It also confirmed the allocation of a traffic campaign targeting pedestrians, to enhance traffic awareness among them, and protect them from accidents.

She added that the campaign focused on promoting safe crossing behavior among pedestrians to reduce run-over accidents, injuries and deaths, spreading awareness of their right to cross safely, and giving priority to the elderly, women, children and people of determination who need more time to cross the road.

• 500 dirhams and 6 traffic points for not giving priority to pedestrians in the places designated for their crossing. 

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