Sweden has the largest income gaps since the 1970s, new statistics from Statistics Norway show.

The aid organization Oxfam has also published a report on economic inequality in the world.

For Sweden, the ranking in the latest report means a race – from place 10 to place 20. In 2017, Sweden was ranked as the best in the world in combating economic inequality, but has subsequently lost places in each new measurement.

- It is proven that societies with large gaps have negative effects on politics and the economy, says Oxfam's general secretary Suzanne Standfast in SVT's Economic Bureau.

One of Sweden's best paid in terms of taxed income in 2021 was a Spotify manager who earned 314 million kroner - as much as roughly 700 ordinary wage earners.

- It is not problematic to start a company, it is the gaps and the consequences themselves that have negative effects, says Suzanne Standfast.

The millionaire: "Can buy cheaper luxury products"

The economic crisis has been said to hit society wide, but it is a truth with modification.

A seemingly unaffected group, they are very wealthy.

One of the winners in the crisis is entrepreneur Jan Emanuel.

- The recession affects me because I now buy cheaper luxury products, he says.

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