Anna Carin Westling is a seal owner from Hudiksvall and committed to the plight of the skinny seals.

She has hunted seals for eight years but suddenly discovered that the blubber layer on the animals was much thinner than normal.

The discovery coincided with coastal fishermen reporting increasingly poor sturgeon catches.

At first she thought she had shot an old seal that was emaciated.

- But then I just found more and more.

The seals are emaciated, she says.

Right now there is a ban on hunting, but Anna-Carin is still out at sea looking after the animals.

- I am interested in them.

Criticized trawling

Although she may shoot the most seals of any hunter in the country, she cares for the animals and is deeply concerned that they are so thin.

- I love these seals, I want a nice seal tribe.

We can't have this many seals if we don't have food for them.

The heavily criticized large-scale trawling in the Bothnian Sea, where the fish is turned into fishmeal and which is suspected of being the cause of the herring crisis, now also seems to be affecting the seals.

At least Anna Carin Westling thinks so. 

- We have no stream left, the industrial trawlers take up everything, she says.