The Minister of the Interior does not mince his words.

While the pension reform arrives in Parliament on Monday, Gérald Darmanin denounced “the deep contempt for the value of work” of part of the left, which he accuses in an interview with Parisian of seeking “to bordéliser the country”.

“To balance our pension system, yes, we have to work harder.

We must not say anything else and assume it”, he declares, castigating “those who think that we must work less and less and defend the right to laziness” like the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau.

"The majority of the President of the Republic defends work, the values ​​of effort, merit and emancipation" unlike the rebellious leader Jean-Luc "Mélenchon and his friends" who advocate "a society without work, effortlessly,” he insists.

Seeing in "this laziness and bobo leftism" the proof of a "profound contempt for the value of work defended by the workers and the popular classes", the minister said he made the distinction with "a traditional left, trade unions, which carry out fights to save jobs.

A nod to three days of a new day of demonstrations against the reform and the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years old.

On the other hand, the thousands of amendments tabled by the left-wing parties in the Assembly show, according to him, that their alliance, the Nupes, “is a scam” which “only seeks to mess with the country”.

The former right-wing elected official does not spare Les Républicains either “who wanted to retire at 65” in the presidential election.

“Why would some have doubts today?

They would have lied to the French during the last campaign?

“, he launches.


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