The Gothenburg Film Festival is underway and will show 250 films over the course of a week.

One of the performances is the short film "What's your problem Bruno?".

It tackles the question of how a person in a new country gets through the initial process of adapting.

The grief can be heavy, when everything doesn't turn out as planned, but with a will to get through the problems, solutions can be found.

- You shouldn't give up, you should just keep going and fix situations as long as you can, as long as you have that ability, says Merazul Islam, director and actor.

Sparing dialogue

The film has almost no dialogue, and no background music.

It focuses on the poetry of images and sounds.

The main character Bruno lives with his uncle in a cramped apartment and tries to do what he can to make the best of the situation.

- There are people who have been through what I tell about in the film, so I wanted to bring up their experiences, because I have seen it happen like that sometimes, Merazul Islam, director and actor.

In the clip, you see scenes from the film and hear Merazul's thoughts on the future in film