[Global Times reporter Chen Lifei] Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen announced on the 27th that former deputy Chen Jianren will succeed Su Zhenchang as the "President of the Executive Council" and form a new "cabinet".

Public opinion on the island ridiculed, "The drama that has dragged on for two months is finally over!"

  On the 27th, the Taiwan authorities have determined that Chen Jianren, "Deputy Premier" Zheng Wencan, and Secretary-General Li Mengyan form the so-called "Executive Yuan Iron Triangle".

Chen Jianren is an epidemiologist. In November 2015, he resigned from the "Vice President of Academia Sinica" and announced that he would run as a partner with Tsai Ing-wen.

At the end of 2021, at the invitation of Tsai Ing-wen, apply to join the DPP.

  According to the plan, Su Zhenchang will hold a temporary meeting on the 30th to lead the resignation of the "cabinet" and the handover of the old and new "cabinets" will be held the next day.

As for other personnel adjustments, "United Daily News" stated on the 27th that Lin Jialong, who failed to run for the mayor of New Taipei City, will serve as the secretary-general of the "Presidential Palace";

In addition, Guan Biling, the "legislator" of the Democratic Progressive Party, will take over as the chairman of the "Ocean Committee".

Taiwan's "China Times" stated on the 27th that "Minister of Foreign Affairs" Wu Zhaoxie, "Minister of National Defense" Qiu Guozheng, "Secretary General of the National Security Council" Gu Lixiong, and Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council Qiu Taisan all plan to stay in office, but they must wait for Tsai Ing-wen's final decision. finalize.

  Regarding the new "cabinet", Zhao Shaokang, chairman of "China Canton", sarcastically said, "What Tsai Ing-wen launched is an ugly and dishonest cabinet."

Chen Jianren vigorously advocated high-end vaccines under the aura of academics, causing high-end stock prices to skyrocket, and engaging in insider trading is "commercially unethical";

Taipei City Councilor You Shuhui said that every time the DPP "forms a cabinet", it is a plan to help the "unemployed" find jobs.

She believes that Chen Jianren does not have the ability and power to "form a cabinet" at all, and in the end it is still the faction to divide the spoils and "Xiaoying will".

KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin said bluntly that the vaccine controversy was the reason for the DPP’s big defeat in the election last year, but now that the Tsai authorities have re-formed a cabinet, they have placed the people who escorted high-end vaccines in high positions, which shows that there is no review or reflection at all.

In addition, "plagiarism" is also an important reason for the DPP's defeat in the election last year. Both Chen Jianren and Zheng Wencan were suspected of plagiarism. Obviously, the DPP does not regard plagiarism as one of the reasons for its defeat in 2022.

  You Yinglong, chairman of the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation", believes that two months after Cai suffered a humiliating local election defeat in 2022 and resigned as the party chairman, he is now about to sing "return to the rivers and lakes". The principal and vice president of the hospital", "even if the doors of these two people have been opened".

Former "diplomat" Jie Wenji said that in the next year or so, Lai Qingde, chairman of the DPP, will make Tsai Ing-wen "painful", so she wants to make Lai "painful", this time she will send out her confidantes completely.

Jiang Qichen, a former "legislator" of the Kuomintang, said that in the future, we will see more cases of Tsai intervening in the personnel affairs of the "cabinet".

  Public opinion on the island has no expectations for the new "cabinet".

"United Daily News" stated on the 27th that Tsai Ing-wen found her former deputy to "form a cabinet" in the last year of her tenure, and sent a signal to various factions in the party that "I am still in charge". The function of "personal standing sign".

The newspaper's editorial believes that Tsai Ing-wen is well aware that the "nine-in-one" election has proved that the "anti-China protection Taiwan" card is invalid. Except for Chen Jianren, who needs to advance and retreat, she has no cards to play.