Stéphane Bern SEASON 2022 - 2023 4:00 p.m., January 27, 2023

Historically Yours brings together three characters who made their mother their heroine: the writer Colette - whose 150th birthday we are celebrating, who made "Sido", her mother, the heroine of one of her novels.

Then he also told his mother in his writings, in his “Promise of Dawn” especially: Romain Gary, to whom his mother, for whom he was everything, had predicted that he would be the best.

And she was (almost) not mistaken!

And an actor who made his mother his heroine, but downright interpreted it himself on the boards and in the cinema in "Guillaume and the boys at the table!"

: Guillaume Gallienne of the French Comedy.

The guests :


 Emmanuelle Lambert

, writer, author of "Sidonie Gabrielle Colette" (Gallimard)


Kerwin Spire

, writer, author of "Monsieur Romain Gary" in three volumes (Gallimard)