According to a media report, after a blockade on the apron of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) in November, the members of the climate activist group Last Generation should bear the costs of the large-scale police operation that was caused.

According to the magazine "Der Spiegel", this is the result of a response from the federal government to a written question from member of the Bundestag Wilfried Oellers (CDU).

The federal police have initiated fee procedures against all activists involved.

The amount of the costs is still being determined.

Oellers welcomed the decision.

"Costs and damage caused by such actions to the detriment of the population must be borne by those who caused them in each individual case," he explained.

Taxpayers, on the other hand, should not be burdened.

Both Lufthansa and BER Airport had previously announced that they wanted to assert claims for damages against the activist group.

"We continue to pursue our claims," ​​said Lufthansa, according to "Spiegel".

There is now an expert opinion that assesses the claims for damages as "promising".

The airport operating company initially wanted to wait for the result of the criminal investigation.

The last generation group blocked flight operations at the capital's airport in November.

Members of the protest movement broke into the security perimeter of the airport, forcing flights to be cancelled.