In Indonesia, where the disposal of hazardous waste generated by industrial activities has become an issue, the second final disposal site in the country developed by a Japanese company has recently been completed. I look forward to strengthening cooperation between

On the 27th, government officials from both countries attended an opening ceremony held in Lamongan Province in eastern Java, where the final disposal site was constructed.

The newly constructed facility covers an area of ​​approximately 30 hectares, and processes hazardous waste so that it can be reused as fuel.

Until now, there was only one final disposal site for hazardous waste such as heavy metals and waste oil in Indonesia.

It took more than 10 years to develop this facility, partly because it was difficult to secure a large piece of land suitable for a disposal site.

Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry hopes to see increased investment from Japan in this field and wants to learn treatment techniques from Japan.

Takanobu Tachikawa, CEO of DOWA ECOSYSTEM INDONESIA, which worked on the final disposal site, said, "Indonesia's economic growth is expected to continue, and we would like to create an environment where manufacturing companies can work with peace of mind." I was.