(Chinese New Year walks to the grassroots) Hong Kong girls start a business in Hengdian, Zhejiang: a double harvest of career and love

  Chinanews.com, Jinhua, January 26th (Dong Yixin) "We pay New Year's greetings door to door from the first day of the first month to the sixth day of the first month. My boyfriend is a local, and there are a lot of relatives here, which is very lively." On the 26th Cai Yawen, a Hong Kong girl born in 1999, told reporters that a few days ago, she and her lover Lou Jiaming held an engagement banquet in Hengdian, Dongyang City, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

  In 2008, Cai Yawen and his brother Cai Zhiqiang came to Zhejiang to live with their mother.

"My elder brother used to work in a tea restaurant in Hong Kong, and then followed his mother to do foreign trade business in Yiwu." Cai Yawen recalled that he spent his junior high school and high school years in Zhejiang.

  "At that time, I had been doing foreign trade business for several years. My brother had the idea of ​​opening his own tea restaurant. My sister-in-law is from Hengdian. After they got married, they opened the first Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Hengdian. Now, we have There are 5 stores, and there are also branches in Yiwu and Hangzhou." Cai Yawen told a reporter from Chinanews.com.

  Hengdian, located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, has built a complete ecological chain of the film and television industry, and has received more than 3,800 crews in total. It is one of the largest film and television live-action shooting bases in the world.

Cai Yawen (first from the right in the front row) celebrates the New Year with her family.

Photo courtesy of Cai Yawen

  Hong Kong's return to the motherland in 1997 provided a realistic basis for further exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong film industries.

The signing of the "Mainland and Hong Kong Arrangement on Establishing Closer Economic and Trade Relations" in 2003 gave Hong Kong films a "new engine" to enter the mainland market, and a large number of Hong Kong filmmakers took advantage of the trend to "go north" to explore the road of development.

  Hengdian is one of the destinations for a large number of Hong Kong filmmakers.

In 2005, Hong Kong director Li Guoli served as the producer, and Hong Kong directors Wu Jinyuan, Liang Shengquan, Mak Guanzhi and others directed the ancient costume fairy tale "Legend of Sword and Fairy" which caused a sensation in the mainland and became a youthful memory of a generation of young people.

The work was filmed in Hengdian.

  "I am from Hong Kong, my company is in Beijing, my wife and children are based in Shanghai, and I spend more than half of the year in Hengdian. There are many Hong Kong directors and actors in Hengdian like me. Over the years, everyone is also in Hengdian. Many fine works have been created here." Ma Tian, ​​the producer of "For a Dark Fragrance", said in an interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com.

  Hong Kong filmmakers in Hengdian are frequent customers of Cai Yawen's store.

"When we first came to Hengdian to open our store, there were not many Hong Kong-style restaurants here. Once I heard a diner in the store communicate in Cantonese, so I responded in Cantonese. After a few chats, I found out that he was a Hong Kong director. "Cai Yawen said that later, the director came to eat almost every day as long as he was filming in Hengdian.

A Hong Kong-style refreshment ordered by a crew in Hengdian.

Photo courtesy of Cai Yawen

  One pass ten, ten pass one hundred.

Cai Yawen's Hong Kong-style restaurant is well-known by more and more Hong Kong filmmakers who are busy in Hengdian, and orders are coming in. They often receive orders for nearly a hundred cups of iced lemon tea from the crew.

In order to meet the eating habits of more customers, the types of meals are becoming more and more abundant.

  Cai Yawen and his lover Lou Jiaming also met because of the restaurant.

"He often comes to the store to eat, and he always eats those kinds of meals. Sometimes he comes to the store without opening his mouth, and I know what he wants, and I get to know him after coming and going. Later, we ran into each other during our travels, and we felt very destined. He also took good care of me and my family, so we decided to be together." Cai Yawen shared her love story with a smile on her eyes and a little shy.

  "There are a lot of tourists in Hengdian this year, and several preparatory crews asked us to book meals. The store is very busy. We opened for business on the third day of the Lunar New Year, and my mother called me to go back to the store to help almost every day." Cai Ya Wen said that in the future, the restaurant will continue to enrich Hong Kong-style meals. She and her lover plan to get a marriage certificate in the middle of this year.