That was a premiere for top model Kim Hnizdo: "Otherwise I just have to look good, today I also have to talk," admitted the Bad Homburg native, who charmed the audience with the opening of the Frankfurt Fashion Lounge in the Hotel Sofitel on the Alte Oper conducted.

The fashion entrepreneur Sevinc Yerli is presenting her small fashion fair in the ballroom and a series of fashion shows there for the fourth time.

The highlight is the presentation of the Lilo Zeh collection, which not only sells exclusive fashion in the Nordend, but has also been collecting masterpieces from international designers for decades.

Yerli wants to draw attention to what Frankfurt has to offer in terms of fashion.

At the opening, however, it was not international greats that she presented on the catwalk, but young people from Frankfurt: students from the Frankfurt School of Fashion and Clothing, who themselves showed their variations on the shirt blouse dress on the runway.

You have another chance to win one of three places in a mentoring program.

Three young talents get the chance to develop a collection with members of the tailors' guild as coaches and the designer duo Leonid Matthias, which is then presented in the fashion house Pfuller on Goethestraße.

Not only for this mentoring program for young talents and the cooperation with the school for fashion and clothing, Yerli received a lot of praise from the head of the economic department, Stephanie Wüst (FDP), who promised to work to focus more on fashion as part of the creative economy back and to support young designers.

What the future of a Frankfurt Fashion Week will look like is not yet foreseeable, said Wüst.

Yerli, who has supported the city's fashion week plans with her events from the start despite the pandemic, would like to see more commitment from the state of Hesse: "I'm planning a lounge for the summer, but if there are no other activities in Frankfurt, I'm not going to continue here either."