Four people were indicted by the investigating judge of the Limoges court (Haute-Vienne), on January 19.

They are suspected of degradation in a meeting by people hiding their faces and of criminal association, reports

Sud Ouest


Between July and October 2022, they would have destroyed several installed wind measurement masts.

These actions were carried out in Haute-Vienne, on private land that could accommodate wind farms.

The damage of this sabotage is estimated at 500,000 euros.

Unknown to justice

The four suspects were arrested on January 18, two in Haute-Vienne and the other two in Dordogne.

Aged 28 to 62, they would be far-left activists, unknown to justice.

The investigating judge, who placed the four defendants under judicial control, imposed a bond of 120,500 euros, in total.

The suspects face up to ten years in prison.


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