For decades,

Edith Maruéjouls

has been traveling to schools and colleges to interview students, and have them describe their actions and movements within this space.

The conclusion is always the same: around the football field occupied by a few boys, all the other children navigate on the periphery.

This distribution of space conveys to girls the subliminal message that boys have more rights than they do.

As for the boys, this teaches them to occupy all the space, not to share with the "others" (girls or handicapped children for example).

Mathieu Palain

, he went to meet violent men, who are not brutes in the shadows but these men we meet on a daily basis and who are sometimes very nice.

They are "Our fathers, our brothers, our friends" - the title of his book.

During his investigation, he discovered men who see themselves as victims of justice or of a surly companion, and who do not understand why they are being punished when their fathers, often also violent, have not never been convicted.

These "macho" behaviors, of a virile guy, must be deconstructed today to teach men a new masculinity.

This is what the

municipality of Barcelona

does with training courses for future fathers.

To undo this idea that the mother "knows best", or to avoid relying on a woman who has just given birth, these courses teach them to embrace their role and assume themselves as a father and a modern man by putting their hand in the pastry.

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