Several large food chains recalled batches of eggs in early January after alarms about salmonella.

The traces pointed to CA Cedergens in Mönsterås municipality, which after an outbreak was confirmed had to kill 164,000 chickens.

Now it turns out that at least 48 people from 13 regions in the country have been infected with salmonella from the farm.

- This is a fairly large outbreak, and there will probably be a few more cases, says Rikard Dryselius, investigator at the Public Health Agency.

Infected by tiramisu

Salmonella samples from the chickens at Cedergrens have been compared with samples from the infected people, and in this way the authority knows that the salmonella comes from the same place.

- Now we have microbiological evidence, so then we know for sure that it is the same salmonella strain from the eggs as from the humans, says Rikard Dryselius.

The infected people have probably ingested raw eggs, because salmonella bacteria die when heated to around 65 degrees.

- Many people have eaten dishes where they used raw eggs, such as aioli, mayonnaise, homemade ice cream or tiramisu.

There are many ways to get salmonella, says Rikard Dryselius.