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The American Society of Nuclear Scientists announced on the 24th local time that the second hand of the so-called 'Doomsday Clock', which symbolizes the time until the end of the earth, has moved 10 seconds further to midnight.

This reduces the time remaining until the end of the earth to one and a half minutes, or 90 seconds.

The doomsday clock has been maintained at 100 seconds since 2020.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, fears about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological and chemical weapons increased, and as coal was used instead of natural gas as an alternative fuel, the climate change crisis was accelerating and the level of warning was raised.

The American Society of Nuclear Scientists, founded in 1945 by Einstein and others, has set the end of the earth at midnight and has announced the end time every year since 1947 after comprehensive consideration of nuclear threats.

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The clock, which started at 7 minutes ago, went up to 2 minutes in 1953, the height of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union.

Netizens responded such as "I don't think I'll say anything even if I'm more drawn to the nuclear threat in Corona" and "I need to act right away to turn the clock back".