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In 2001, Xi Jinping, the governor of Fujian Province at the time, was unable to go to Shenzhen due to his busy work. He was absent from the birthday party held by his family for his father's 88th birthday "Mi Shou". He wrote a birthday letter to his father ashamed.

After listening to the birthday letter, Xi Zhongxun said to his family, children, relatives and friends: "We should still focus on work and national affairs", "Serving the people is the greatest filial piety to parents!"

Video: New Year's Eve 丨 "The Greatest Filial Piety" in the Heart of Xi Jinping's Parents

Source: CCTV

  His mother, Qi Xin, also called Xi Jinping who was working in other places: "As long as you do your job well, you are the greatest filial piety to your parents."

  "Family is the first classroom in life, and parents are children's first teachers." It is in the classroom of "family" that Xi Jinping has obtained precious education and qualities from his parents that will benefit him throughout his life.

CCTV's "Painting Learning" column specially planned and launched "The Greatest Filial Piety in the Heart of Xi Jinping's Parents", to relive the touching feelings between Xi Jinping and his parents with you.

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