(News Broadcast): Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan is the largest Yi-inhabited area in the country, and it was once one of the contiguous and deeply impoverished areas in the country.

General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about the people here. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, the General Secretary went deep into the hinterland of Daliang Mountain to visit the impoverished people. He said affectionately that socialism is to let the people live a happy and beautiful life.

Now, five years have passed, what new changes have taken place deep in the mountains?

Follow our reporter to have a look.

  During the Spring Festival, Sanhe Village, Zhaojue County, in the hinterland of Daliang Mountain, is full of joy, and there is a happy and peaceful atmosphere everywhere.

  The average altitude of Sanhe Village is more than 2,500 meters. It used to be a poor village. Yi people lived in low-slung earthen houses with poor conditions for generations.

In February 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the village and visited two impoverished families, Ji Hao Yeqiu and Jie Lie Amu, to ask how their lives were, what industries they were developing, how much their income was, and whether their children were in school. .

The general secretary and everyone sat around the firepit to analyze the causes of local poverty and plan precise poverty alleviation strategies.

  Keeping in mind the general secretary's entrustment, the local area focuses on "two guarantees and three guarantees", and strives to make up for shortcomings in facilities and improve the production and living conditions of the masses.

All townships and administrative villages in the prefecture have access to hardened roads, and the town has unified planning and construction of relocation and resettlement sites. More than 200 villagers in Sanhe Village have all moved into new homes with water and electricity.

Jihao also asked his family of seven to be allocated a 100-square-meter new brick-concrete structure house, most of which was subsidized by the government.

  In the past few years, Liangshan Prefecture has also implemented education and poverty alleviation and improvement projects, built more than 600 township standard central schools, and equipped kindergartens in each village, so that children can receive the same education as children in the city at their doorstep.

Jielie'amu's daughter, Relierizuo, passed the recruitment examination after graduating from technical secondary school and became a kindergarten teacher in the village.

  In order to achieve "safe living", it is even more important to "joy working" and develop characteristic industries in order to achieve long-term stable prosperity.

Liangshan Prefecture insists on diversified and differentiated development, highlighting local characteristics, planting when it is suitable for planting, and raising when it is suitable for breeding.

  Today, Sanhe Village has planted more than 4,000 mu of special crops such as walnuts and peppercorns; it has also cultivated and supported large farmers, adopted the model of farmers + cooperatives, and focused on the development of characteristic breeding industries such as Simmental cattle and Wujin pigs; at the same time, Sanhe Village’s unique natural The landscape has gradually become a tourist check-in place.

In the past 5 years, the village plan is becoming a reality step by step, and the villagers bid farewell to poverty and live a moderately prosperous life.

During the Spring Festival, the affluent Yi people dressed in festive costumes, sang and danced to celebrate the Spring Festival.