It's no secret that Saudi Arabia invests heavily in sport and major events all over the planet.

Imagine that they are also trying to buy Formula 1, neither more nor less!

And they are going all out, since according to the Bloomberg agency, they have already offered no less than 20 billion dollars to the American company Liberty Media, which bought the championship in 2017 for eight billion dollars.

A sacred added value, which Liberty Media nevertheless refused.

What about freedom of expression?

According to experts, F1 is worth 15 billion dollars today.

But the arrival of new car manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi and Cadillac could further increase its value.

It remains to be seen what the drivers' freedom of expression will still be if such a takeover takes place, especially since the organizers of Formula 1 have recently expressed their desire to limit this freedom on themes such as the defense of minorities, the environment or the protection of certain populations.


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