The problem came to Volvo's attention relatively recently, according to the press manager who tells us that it is based on a report from one of the company's markets, with a few cases.

- Then it was seen that there was no fault with an individual car but a systematic fault, says Magnus Holst to SVT.

Therefore, Volvo cars now decides to contact all customers where the problem could potentially appear.

Overall, it is about 106,000 cars, of which 12,000 in Sweden.

Since the problem is in the car's software system, it is enough to update the control system.

Either it can be solved on their own or the customer is asked to take the car to a workshop.

- The error does not mean that you cannot brake the car, but in some cases you may experience a duller feeling in the pedal, but warning messages will appear if the problem occurs.

How can this error occur? 

- I can't answer that, but that's what happens.

The important thing is that you correct it and do it according to our routines.

Affected cars are model year 2023 models C40, XC40, S60, V60, XC60, V90 and XC90.